*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 3/31

Xplosion: Mickie James b. Rosita

We open up with Mr. Anderson dragging down Earl Hebner to the ring and demanding to know why he was DQ’d last week, giving Rob Van Dam the win. Anderson demands the decision be reversed and Hebner refuses, calling Anderson an asshole. Anderson lays out Hebner. Brian Hebner hits the ring then Sting comes out, saying you don’t pick on the referees. He and Anderson began brawling. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out, saying he doesn’t want the win that way and asks Hebner to add Anderson to the Lockdown main event. Hebner says he cannot. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come out and announce it will indeed be a Three-Way at Lockdown. Bischoff announces Sting & Anderson & RVD vs Ric Flair’s team of Abyss & Matt Hardy & Bully Ray tonight in a Steel Cage, saying the network wants ratings, so he will give it to them. Sting and Anderson start brawling again but are held apart.

Scott Steiner b. Jesse Neal – was a squash, Steiner busted out the Frankensteiner to finish Moore off. The British Invasion reunited to beat up Eric Young and Orlando Jordan, who were doing commentary on the match.

Max Buck b. Jeremy Buck – described as the same as the match they did last night for Xplosion.

Winter b. Velvet Sky with a crossface-style move – Angelina Love came out, but didn’t do anything.

Sting and Mr. Anderson come out brawling with each other over the arena, and Immortal ambush them and beat them up, RVD comes out and saves Sting from Immortal, but leaves Mr. Anderson alone for Immortal to continue the beatdown.

Kurt Angle b. Rob Terry – he then tries to attack Jeff Jarrett, and almost Angle Slams Jarrett off the stage, but Jarrett escapes and runs to the back.

Abyss, Bully Ray & Matt Hardy b. Sting, Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage Match – Sting attacks Anderson on his way to the ring, RVD is being beaten down 3 on 1 by Immortal. Hulk Hogan throws Anderson into the cage, where Sting continues to beat him up. Bully Ray pins RVD after Anderson attacks him. Fortune make the save, but Immortal beat them up too. Christopher Daniels turns up and sees off Immortal by himself.

Credit: @MrJacobCohen & PWInsider.com