*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For Tonight

Below are full taping results for tonight’s TNA Impact written by Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Tim Capture:

TNA Impact (Airing tonight on Spike TV):

* Kurt Angle starts off the show in ring. He said last week he came out with the intention of peace. He wanted to put an unfortunate situation behind him. Instead, Karen and Jeff re-opened old wounds and tore at the scabs. At Bound For Glory he lost and promised to retire but hasn’t done so. Sometimes things happen in your life that makes you reevaluate things. In this case that’s Jeff Jarrett. When things like this happen he looks within and also goes to all you good people for advice. So how many people want to see Kurt Angle in one more match, even if that means beating the s— out of Jeff Jarrett. This leads to all of Immortal coming out. Eric Bischoff asks if Angle thinks they’re idiots. The people chant his name and they’re supposed to just let him back? Eric says no way, he’s retired. He then sends Immortal after Angle. They surround the ring and one-by-one try to get to Angle. He tries to fight them off but they’re too much for him. Tommy Mercer eventually comes in with a bat and clears the ring. Ric Flair gets on the mic and says next week they’re going to stick it straight up “they’s” a–. Flair is going berserk and saying he’s a god. He asks Angle if he wants to wrestle again? As a god he’s reinstating Flair. Karen and Jeff go nuts and yell at Flair. He says Angle and his partner are going up against Kazarian, Gunner, Murphy, Flair and pretty much all of Imortal. Borash referred to Mercer as Crimson. We’ll see if it’s just Crimson in the main.

* Backstage in Eric Bischoff’s office, he’s mad and asking Flair if he remembers how hard they worked to get Angle out? Flair is going nuts again saying it doesn’t matter, Angle is going down.

* Borash called Tommy Mercer Crimson again so that’s the name.

* Elimination match, Sarita, Madison Rayne & Tara vs. Mickie James, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky. They played audio of the women from later over the Beautiful People’s entrance and had them re-do their entrance. Velvet Sky eliminated first by Sarita via victory roll. Madison Rayne eliminated by Mickie after an errant clothesline. Sarita eliminated Mickie immediately with a crucifix. Tara eliminated next via bicycle kick. Angelina then reverses a victory roll from Sarita and grabs a hand full of tights for the win. Really terrible match.

* Backstage Kurt Angle is on the phone with someone saying he needs him here.

* For the TNA X Division #1 Contention, Amazing Red vs. Max Buck w/Jeremy Buck vs. Chris Sabin. Kazarian is on commentary. Winner via a hanging DDT off the top turnbuckle to Amazing Red, Max Buck. Previous match was a qualifier so I don’t know if there’s another qualifier or what.

* Jeff and Karen Jarrett are backstage. Karen is furious and wants to know who Kurt was on the phone with. She thinks something big is going on. Jeff thinks she’s just imagining things and there’s no conspiracy theories here. Jeff says it’s Immortal vs. Angle tonight and that’s all there is to it.

* Backstage, Velvet Sky is furious. Angelina Love asks what happened and Velvet says that b—- Winter attacked her. Angelina asks her if she’s sure, maybe it was Sarita. Velvet says she knows who it was. If Angelina doesn’t take care of this, Velvet will.

* Jeff Hardy comes to the ring. Crowd boos him and chants “He’s a loser.” He says for years he’s broken himself for you. Then he says none of them care about him. That’s why he’s done what he’s done, for himself. At Genesis, Anderson defeated him, but it doesn’t matter, mistakes happen. He says they’re 7 days away from him fixing that. Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he joins Hardy in the ring. Anderson says Hardy sure does b—- and moan a lot. He says all that matters is W’s and L’s. Even after everything Hardy’s done, the people still seem to like him, h— they love them. What matters here though, is this belt and after next week and their match he’s going to walk away still as the Total Nonstop Champion. Champion.

* Velvet Sky comes out and calls Winter a b—-. You come to TNA and try to break up the Beautiful People? I don’t think so. She’s got something to say to you. If Angelina won’t take care of you, I will. Get your a– to the ring now. Winter comes out and is immediately attacked by Velvet. Velvet starts beating her all over the place. They end up in the ring. Winter screams in her face and takes over on Velvet. Angelina Love runs down and shoves Winter off Velvet and tells her to leave. Winter leaves and Angelina tries to tend to Velvet but she’s furious and screams in frustration. She takes off and Angelina follows her.

* “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero is now out. He’s out here cause a couple weeks ago some things went down. He let his emotions get the best of him. He said some things he shouldn’t have said. He’s going to lead by example and be the better man. Right now he’s going to do something he calls Confessions with the Pope. He says everybody around the world is sitting next to someone they can’t stand. They’re going to bed with someone they don’t like. They say they’re doing it for the kids. Pope says he’s better than that. He wants to say Joe, I don’t like you. Joe, I don’t like you, who you are or what you stand for. He says he’s gonna kill you. How can these parents in the audience chant that with their kids? The only person Joe is going to kill is himself with french fries. He says there’s no hope for Joe. Pope is just one man. What he can do is next week is let someone from his Congregation confess their faults.

* Ric Flair is backstage pumping Immortal up. Eric Young is there too for some reason. He tells them to do it for him, for Hogan for themselves because they’re champs. Flair asks Young what he’s doing here. Young says he’s a champ. Flair yells at him to get out.

* Non Title, Matt Hardy vs. TNA Champion Mr. Anderson. Winner via reversed pin attempt, Mr. Anderson. Jeff Hardy ran down and attacked Anderson right after the pin. The Hardys gang up and beat down Anderson. Rob Van Dam runs out for the save and chases the Hardy’s off.

* Main event, Kurt Angle & Crimson vs. Immortal (Gunner, Murphy, Beer Money, Kazarian and Rob Terry w/Ric Flair) AJ Styles is also ringside. The referee got superkicked really early by James Storm. All of Immortal come in and start beating down Angle and Crimson. Jeff and Karen Jarrett come down. Jarrett joins in on the action and hits a stroke. A new referee runs down and Jeff pins Angle for the win. Immortal continues beating Crimson and Angle down. Matt Morgan runs down but is overwhelmed by Immortal and is getting beaten down now too. The lights go out and when they come back on, Scott Steiner is in the ring with a pipe and everybody bails from the ring. Steiner’s music plays as Immortal backs up the ramp in shock. Steiner, Crimson, Morgan and Angle are left in the ring as Impact ends.