*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Results For 7/25

Xplosion Match: Eric Young with ODB pins Wes Brisco in about 8 minutes.

7/25 Impact:

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash are doing commentary for next week as well. No sign of Taz at all.

Mr. Anderson pins Hernandez with his finisher after Hernandez misses a running dive into the ring from the ramp.

Assembling Ultimate X now.

The Ultimate X match was about 20 minutes long. It featured a lot of impressive spots. The finish featured Dutt and Maraschiulo grappling on top of the steel structure and Manik slipping in to get the belt even after knocking Maraschiulo to the ground when he tried to stop him.

Your new X Division Champion, Manik!

Main Event Mafia comes out to the ring and invited Chris Sabin to celebrate his new title victory. Sabin comes out and thanks the MEM for taking Aces & Eights out of the picture last week. He then challenges “whoever wins the Ultimate X match later tonight” to a title match. I assume this segment will air after the Ultimate X match on the air next week.

Velvet Sky comes to the ring and says she is here to let us know she made a mistake: letting Mickie James know she was injured. She says she will never make a mistake like that again and will play things closer to her vest than ever before. She is here tonight to watch Gail and Mickie tear into one another.

Mickie defeats Gail Kim in a typical Knockouts match. ODB was special referee and Gail Kim was having a confrontation with her and had her back turned when Mickie rolled her up for the win. Velvet Sky watched on as Brooke Hogan comes out to tell Gail Kim she is messing with the wrong referee since ODB is an active wrestler. Big ODB chants as they go to the back.

Bound For Glory Series Match: Christopher Daniels defeats Samoa Joe in a solid 10 minute match that ended when Joe was distracted by Mr. Anderson who came to ringside. 2 BMEs later, Daniels pinned Joe for the win.

Bully Ray comes to the ring and complains about how he lost the title last week.

Bully Ray calls out Sabin. Sabin comes out. Bully tells Sabin to “do the right thing and give back my title”. Sabin refuses. Bully calls out Hogan. Hogan comes out and rips up the contract and said he is the law. Hogan gives Bully a rematch and it will be at Hardcore Justice on August 15th….in a cage!

Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray for the title 8/15 in a cage!

Photo Of The New TNA X Division Championship Title Belt

(Credit: Jason Pollard & PWInsider.com)