*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Results For 5/16

TNA taped the May 16 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday night from the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi. Here are spoiler results:

TNA Xplosion Taping

* Chavo Guerroro defeated Jessie. Chavo won with a Frog Splash. This match was taped prior to the live edition of Impact.

* Mickie James defeated Tara. To be honest, I took this opportunity to take a bathroom break. This match was taped in between the live edition of Impact and the taping for next week.

TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping

* Jay Bradley beat Christian York in a Bound for Glory qualifying match. Bradley won with the Boom Stick. Bradley also had “Win Ugly” on his trunks. He cut a small promo afterwards.

* Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim. Velvet Sky won via roll-up. Kim performed a post-match figure four on the ring post. ODB made the save.

* Hulk Hogan asked Abyss to come out. Joseph Park came out instead. The crowd already knew the deal. Aces & Eights interrupted and had an argument with “Joseph Park.” D-Lo Brown vs. Park was set up for later.

* X Division Champion Kenny King defeated Chris Sabin and Petey Williams. The ref cam intact. Williams with some good offense. King won a good match with his finisher.

* Hernandez beat Christopher Daniels. Hernandez won with a shoulder block.

* Joseph Park defeated D-Lo Brown. Brown tried a backflip and missed. Impressive. Park bled and spit everywhere. He hit the Blackhole Slam for the win.

* The Bully Ray and Sting contract signing for Slammiversary was held. Bully Ray cut a decent heel promo. Sting’s entrance got a big reaction. The fans in Tupelo haven’t seen live wrestling in a while so the older guys are a HUGE deal. Bully let loose a “screwed” Hogan’s daughter over and got a good heel reaction. Sting told Bully he will bleed in Boston and he wants a No Holds Barred Match. Bully accepted under one condition: Sting will not challenge for the Heavyweight Title in TNA again if he loses. Sting accepted and beatd down Bully.

* Notes: Overall, a good show. It was more exciting than the last WWE show I went to (which was the Raw where Y2J came back in January of last year). I’m not sure the attendance made Dixie Carter happy, but the crowd sounded good from within. In my opinion, TNA put on a good show (without the likes of Matt Morgan).

(Credit: Prowrestling.net)