Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 4/3

TNA Wrestling taped the April 3, 2014 Impact Wrestling episode from the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Here are full TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers.

TNA Impact Wrestling (Airing April 3, 2014)

* Magnus opens the show and calls out Abyss. Abyss is dressed in a suit because Magnus ordered him to. Magnus suckers Abyss in like they’re friends until Eric Young runs in through the crowd. Magnus and Abyss end up beating Young down until Samoa Joe made the save.

* Brittany approaches Madison Rayne backstage and offers to be her tag team partner.

* Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Brittany and Madison Rayne. The Beautiful People have a new theme, entrance and matching gear. They double teamed Brittany and pinned her for the win.

* Gunner comes out and talks about respecting veterans. He points out his father in the front row. Gunner talks to his dad until James Storm comes out. Storm runs his mouth and Gunner nails him. Storm ended up super kicking Gunner and handcuffing him to the ropes. Storm knocks Gunner’s dad down and smashes a beer bottle on his head.

* Mr. Anderson comes out with a straight-jacket and calls Samuel Shaw to the ring. They have words and Anderson attacks. Anderson defeated Shaw by being the first one to get his opponent into the jacket and subdued.

* Kenny King returns and interrupts Tigre Uno vs. Sanada for the X Division Title before it starts. King says the X Division needs him and out comes MVP. They have words and King wants a match against MVP. MVP says there’s no room for tonight and King gets in his face before pushing him. MVP accepts the challenge.

* Sanada defeated Tigre Uno with the X Division Title on the line.

* MVP and Kenny King fought to a no contest in an “exhibition match.” They brawled until security and referees had to separate them.

* Magnus defeated Eric Young, Samoa Joe and Abyss in a Fatal 4 Way with the World Heavyweight Title on the line. Joe ended up taken to the back by referees after going down on the outside. Abyss had the match won but Magnus talked him into not taking the pin on Young. Abyss hesitated but went through with it. Magnus hit his finisher for the win and posed with Abyss to end the show.

  • Dev9h

    Abyss wearing a suit?!?!…oh for fuck sake! Once again copying WWE…

    • Y.C.C.L

      If I’m not mistaking, Abyss did it before Kane. Joseph Parks

  • Joe

    TNA creativity needs to go away! I was excitied that Magnus is the champ then they went and made him a total joke as a champ! I haven’t watched TNA in months but read bout it hoping they would change but it’s the same crap garbage crash shit writing as its been for like 3 yrs! Plus TNA needs to work on advertising the product better!

  • Y.C.C.L

    I wonder why Aries wasn’t booked for this shows. Is pretty pathetic. Tigre Uno getting a shot at the X Division Belt. Yet. Aries is #1 contender

    • 315fedowl

      Aries will probably get a title shot at the PPV.

      • Y.C.C.L

        I personally don’t believe that. Since he is not going to be on TV for the following weeks, then it wouldn’t make sense to give him the title shot. Looks like Austin Aries is not getting his title rematch.