Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 5/22/2014


TNA taped the May 22nd episode of Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night in Orlando. Below are spoilers, thanks to Eric:

* MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King kick off Impact. MVP rips on the fans and talks about having power. King and Lashley also cut promos. The Wolves interrupt and attack them but get beat down. Eddie Edwards takes a spear fro Lashley. They end up beating them to the stage and Lashley spears Davey Richards off the stage through a table.

* Eric Young comes out and has words for MVP. MVP comes back out with Lashley and King. Austin Aries ends up making the save for Young to a big pop. Aries and MVP cut promos on each other.

* Austin Aries beat MVP by DQ when King and Lashley interrupted. Eric Young made the save but got beat down. MVP announces Lashley vs. Young but Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III interrupts. Dixie wonders why MVP won’t return her phone calls. This leads to Bully Ray coming out with a pipe. He chases Dixie and Ethan to the back. Ray ends up getting into it with MVP and knocked down by King. Ray gets triple teamed. Dixie comes back out with Ethan and orders him to set up a table. Ethan goes to put Ray through it but gets blocked. Dixie distracts Ray and Ethan puts him through the table any way.

* Backstage segment with The Beautiful People.

* Willow defeated Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The newcomer Bram interfered twice.

* Eddie Edwards called out MVP, King and Lashley. Davey Richards is injured and was taken away to a hospital. King comes out and lays Edwards out.

* Another backstage segment that was missed.

* Angelina Love comes out for an open challenge that’s answered by Brittany. Angelina retains her Knockouts Title over Brittany after help from Velvet Sky. The Beautiful People smeared lipstick and put a brown bag on Brittany after the match until Gail Kim made the save.

* Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young in a non-title match when King and MVP interfered. The referee went to call for the bell but MVP stopped it. MVP played like the referee was in on it. Austin Aries ran out but got beat down by Lashley. Impact ended with Lashley, King and MVP celebrating.

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    It was fun TNA, but I think it’s time we all admit, it’s over. Who would of thought Hogan, Bitchoff, and Russo could kill a company?… Oh wait.

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