*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 3/23

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers from Monday night’s tapings in Orlando. These will air this Thursday on Spike:

* Dixie Carter opens the show and wants to fire Bobby Roode for his actions after Victory Road. Sting comes out and talks her out of it so James Storm can take care of Roode at Lockdown. Sting steps down as head of the show and suggests that Hulk Hogan run the company.

* James Storm comes out and talks about Roode. A man comes out and says Roode won’t be appearing until Lockdown and isn’t obligated to. Storm vs. Daniels and Kazarian is announced for tonight.

* Eric Young and ODB beat Rosita and Sarita.

* Austin Aries, Tony Nese, Kid Kash and Zema Ion wrestle to a No Contest when Bully Ray clears the ring.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Mexican America. Rosita and Sarita interfered until Repo Games Josh Lewis ran out and stopped them.

* Gunner attacked Garett Bischoff in his 3 Minute Challenge with Kurt Angle. Jeff Hardy made the save.

* James Storm beat Kaz and Daniels in a Handicap Match

* Hulk Hogan returns to end the show. Sting comes out and begs Dixie Carter to let Hogan run the show. Sting says Hogan has changed and should be in charge of TNA.

  • Kyle

    Yea….that makes a whole lotta no sense!!! Defend xdivison title and the tag title, but not even mention the new TV champ, nor have him defend his title on TV as it should be. Maybe give him this week off from defending it, but they should have atleast let him do promo and celebrate. Hell my idea woulda had Devon come out and celebrate, and have Bully Ray come out and attack him, and demand a title shot for carrying him all those years. Then BAM new fued. That’s the beauty of splitting tag teams and having one go heel, once Ina while they can fued again.

  • Pete

    urgh please please no hogan every week. he’s fine for the odd appearance, but cmon