Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 10/3

TNA taped the October 3rd edition of TNA Impact Wrestling Thursday night. Here are full TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers.

TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers

* Jeff Hardy & Manik defeated Kenny King & Chris Sabin. Austin Aries was on commentary.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Aries Aries vs. Chris Sabin vs. Manik in an Ultimate X match was announced for Bound For Glory.

* Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher. The match never took place because Lei’D Tapa attacked Velvet Sky before the opening bell.

* AJ Styles hyped his Bound For Glory match. Bully Ray interrupted the segment.

* Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe was announced for later in the show.

* Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian defeated Magnus in a gauntlet match.

* Sting came out and spoke to Magnus, who didn’t want to talk. Sting tried to get Magnus to go to the back, but Magnus refused. They spoke in the ring. Sting vs. Magnus is setup for Bound For Glory, as Sting said he is going to “put Magnus on the map.”

* Samoa Joe defeated TNA Champion Bully Ray by DQ. At some point in the match the referee was knocked out and Bully Ray decided to use a chain on Samoa Joe. Earl Hebner ran out and disqualified Bully. Ray then shoved Hebner and continued to attack Joe. Styles entered through the audience to make the save.

* In the closing segment on the show, Dixie Carter came out to get Hulk Hogan’s answer about joining “Team Dixie”. Hogan quits. Dixie attempts to stop Hogan on the ramp. She goes as far as to getting on her knees and begs him to stay, Hogan walked away. Dixie flipped out to close the show.

  • Rawr

    Can it be? Are prayers being answered?

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      hogans and aj styles contracts are expiring

      • Rawr

        Aj ,as in Styles, signed an extension through the end of the year.

        Most of the financial struggles came from the overpaid contracts.
        It frees up money to redistribute somewhere else.

        And Impact has improved over the last several weeks.

        • j

          Impact was improving until Dixie pulled a Vince, Stephaine, Triple H move and is trying to make the show about her. That’s why I quit WWE and that’s why I will probably quit Impact. 3 weeks ago things were looking up and now this Shit!!!

  • Ǎ.Ĵ.

    hogans contract is expiring to as aj styles is

  • Albert T

    Hopefully, this is Hogan’s swan song with TNA.

  • Willey

    Disappointed Kenny King is not in the Ultimate X, I figure he is the one pinned in the tag match excluding him from it, but he should be in Jeff’s place. Jeff has never been X-Division, he has always been main event talent, hope they do not do the same with him as they did with RVD