*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 2/21/13

– TNA taped the February 21th episode of Impact Wrestling in London, England on Friday. Here are live spoilers:

TNA Impact (Airing February 21st, 2013)

* Impact kicks off with Rockstar Spud defeating Robbie E.

* Joseph Parks, James Storm, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero defeated Christopher Daniels, Kaz, Roode and Aries.

* X Division Title match: RVD defeated Kenny King with a five star frog splash.

* Bully Ray, who was not apart of the tournament, is announced as winner. So Bully Ray will face Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Championship. Bully puts over other guys in the tournament and said all he wanted was to earn Hulk Hogan’s respect. Bully suggests the main event of Impact be a six man tag with Sting, Hogan and Bully Ray facing Aces & 8’s.

* Samoa Joe defeated Garret Bischoff by DQ after Wes Briscoe interfered and Angle made the save.

* Kurt Angle announces he face Wes Briscoe at Lockdown.

* Main event ended up bein a handicap match as Hulk Hogan never showed up during his entrance (they will probably add in a backstage attack on tv show) Aces members Doc, Devon and Anderson beat Bully Ray and Sting when Doc pinned Sting as Bully Ray was distracted by Aces members with Brooke.

* After the match Aces beat down on Sting and the faces on the roster come out to make the save. End of show.