*Spoilers* UK TNA Impact Tapings Results For 2/2 & 2/9

Credit to TheTurnbucklePost.com for the following spoilers from Saturday night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings results, airing the next 2 weeks;

Airing February 2

Robert Roode kicks off Impact Wrestling with a promo. He says Jeff Hardy will not be seen again after last week. Sting hits the ring and announces Robert Roode vs. Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy at Against All Odds next month.

1. Samoa Joe and Magnus beat Matt Morgan and Crimson in a Buckingham Brawl. There was a coin toss at the start of the match to determine which team had to tag and which team could use Tornado rules. Joe and Magnus won the toss. Magnus won the match by pinning Matt Morgan.

2. Austin Aries beat Mark Haskins. Aries won via submission.

3. Robert Roode beat James Storm. Roode nailed Storm with a Spear and won the match. Bully Ray interfered without the referee seeing. Post-match, Bully Ray nailed Storm with the title belt. Sting runs down and makes the save to chase off Bully and Roode.

Eric Bischoff hits the ring and calls out Garrett. Garrett will reveal his trainer later. The crowd are all over this segment with ‘BORING’ and ‘F**K OFF BISCHOFF’ chants.

4. (Non-title) Tara beat Gail Kim. Tara beat Kim with a Widow’s Peak after Madison Rayne botched her interference.

5. James Storm beat Bully Ray. Robert Roode and Sting were both ringside. Sting was ringside with a cricket bat! Storm won with a Last Call Superkick on Bully.

Garrett Bischoff comes out to reveal his trainer. Eric interrupts him and brings Gunner with him. Garrett then reveals Hulk Hogan as his trainer! Hogan nailed Gunner and was going to beat up Eric, but Gunner pulled Eric away and they fled. Crowd went nuts for Hogan.

6. Christopher Daniels beat AJ Styles. Kazarian was ringside with Daniels and passed him some brass knuckles. Daniels nailed him with the knucks to get the win.

Airing February 9

Bully Ray hits the ring and calls out Robert Roode. Bully and Roode argue about having each others backs. Sting hits the ring with his cricket bat and announces himself to be the special guest enforcer for the PPV match! Sting also reveals a main event tag match: Bully and Roode vs. James Storm and Sting!

1. (Non-title) Alex Shelley beats Alex Shelley and Doug Williams. Shelley pinned Aries to get the win after hitting with Sliced Bread. Williams did land his rolling German suplex (Chaos Theory) in the match which pleased the crowd.

Samoa Joe and Magnus cut a promo about how they will win the Tag Team Championship at Against All Odds. Magnus and Joe are both over with the crowd and Magnus claims at one point ‘This Is England!’ Crimson and Matt Morgan hit the ring and give the number 1 contenders a quick beat down. Joe and Magnus manage to escape without too much damage.

2. Velvet Sky beat Mickie James. Sky beat James with a roll-up.

Garrett Bischoff hit the ring with his trainer Hulk Hogan. Hogan asked the fans to show Garrett some support, but he was interrupted by Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Eric asks Hogan what right he has to get involved and Hogan tells Eric it’s about doing the right thing. Hogan has spoken with Sting and at Against All Odds, Garrett will face Gunner. A brawl ensues and Eric hits Hogan with a low blow! As Gunner is beating down on Garrett, Hogan recovers and clears house. Garrett finishes the segment by nailing his Dad.

3. Main Event: Sting and James Storm beat Robert Roode and Bully Ray.

The London crowd loved Sting and there were a lot of ‘You’re a Legend’ chants.

Live notes 1. Professional cyclist Mark Cavendish was in attendance at the event. 2. There were fans chanting ‘We Want EY’. Eric Young was not in attendance. 3. The London crowd loved Samoa Joe. 4. Garrett Bischoff was heavily booed, so it’ll be interesting to see how it appears on TV. 5. Mark Haskins looks like he may have suffered a concussion in his match. He missed a Shooting Star Press.