Spoilers: WWE Main Event Taping Results For 9/25

WWE taped September 25th’s WWE Main Event episode from the BMO Harris Bank Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here are full WWE Main Event spoilers.

* Alex Riley is out with Josh Matthews to announce Main Event. Both receive cheers from the crowd as the crew sets up the ring.

WWE Main Event

* The Uso’s defeated Fandango & Big E Langston. Great crowed reaction for Fandango. The match starts of with Fandango and Jimmy Uso. Big E get the tag and has the upper hand on Jey Uso and hits a massive clothesline for a near 2 falls, Fandango gets in with some offense and headlocks Jey and tags in Big E once again who spears Jey in the turnbuckle for another close fall, Fandango makes the tag back in as they wear out Jey with some stomps, and a suplex, for another close count, Fandango taunts the crowd as he goes up for a leg drop but Jey knocks him down, Jey tries to make the tag but Fandango holds his leg, Jey eventually kicks Fandango off and makes the hot tag. Big E out of nowhere hits Jimmy down who counters Big E’s finisher and gets kicked by Jey. Jimmy hits the splash from the top rope for the victory.

* Michael Cole interviews Triple H who speaks about The Miz, how he insulted his wife and family and how the truth hurts because Miz should be further then where he is. Triple H also says Miz is only good at running his mouth.

* Big Show defeats Damien Sandow. Show nails Sandow with the KO punch for the victory.

* WrestleMania 30 package is shown and the Raw rebound is about how CM Punk was beat down on Raw.

* Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Justin Gabriel is up next. The two lockup and Axel nails Gabriel with a dropkick then a headlock. Gabriel gets out and arm drags him, putting him in an arm hold. Gabriel goes for a roll-up but gets a 1 count. Axel gets Gabriel in the corner with a chop and moves him to another corner as he hits another chop. Gabriel then gets Axel in another arm hold the crowd starts a CM Punk chant.

Gabriel knocks Axel out of the ring and Gabriel goes for a baseball slide but misses. Axel clotheslines Gabriel outside the ring and slams his head on the side of the ring. Axel hits Gabriel with some elbows for another 1 count, a boring chant breaks out as well. Axel hits Gabriel with a behind the head clothesline and hits Gabriel back on his knee for a 2 count. Boring chant breaks out for a third time. Gabriel and Axel exchange a couple blows then Axel gets the upper-hand again, throwing Gabriel into the turnbuckle for another 2 count. Gabriel kicks Axel, elbows him and hits some more kicks, and more kicks, then a clothesline. Gabriel hits a crossbody, getting a 2 count. Axel rolls out the ring and Gabriel hits an over the top maneuver as the referee counts. Axel is rolled back into the ring and catches Gabriel through the rope with a neckbreaker. Axel with some back strikes on Gabriel but only for another 2count. Gabriel fights back with some.

Axel hits his finisher for the victory. Winner: Curtis Axel