Spoilers: WWE Main Event Taping Results For 9/4

WWE taped this week’s WWE Main Event episode from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here are full WWE Main Event spoilers and results.

Main Event

* Fandango beat Justin Gabriel in a lengthy match. He won with the top rope leg drop.

* R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow is up next. Truth gets the win. After the match, Sandow cuts a promo and introduces himself as our uncrowned champion.

* Darren Young and Titus O’Neil vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan is up next. Bray Wyatt watches from ringside. The Wyatts got the win after destroying Darren Young. After the match, Bray Wyatt came in and hit his finisher to end the show.

  • nunya


  • lol

    why the hell as r truth beaten sandow? mr money in the bank loses to a guy who has nothing going for him other than a couple dance moves? seriously what is it with the whc mitb winner booking that makes them have to lose constantly to make it look less “likely” when they’ll cash in no it just makes them look weak & not championship material. if sandow cashed in on smackdown he’s just recently lost to r truth (in wwe schedule terms two days before smackdown but it’s obviously not in reality)

  • lol

    also why job out prime time players to the hillbillies? they’re in the midst of a good face push only to get squashed by these guys who have 0 direction until kane returns from filming?

    • Rick

      Because it would look fucking stupid if they lost seeing as theyre undefeated and have their story going with kane. Ptp only get a title shot because Henry was injured

  • IDontSuckAss

    Damn Sandow sucks ass lol

  • Fagdango hater

    lol u are an idiot