*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 4/4

1. Percy Watson beat Tyler Rex. Slow start. Percy with a few strong moves to start the match. Percy looked really good in the first five minutes. Rex began to take over with a few power moves and has been in the remaining portion of the match. Rex attempts a bodyslam, but Percy reversed and turned it into a 1-2-3.


Rex and Curt Hawkins tried to attack Percy. William Regal interjected and sent Rex to the locker room or risk a possible suspension.


There was a backstage angle with Natalya, and Michael McGillicutty grabbed a pair of her panties.


2. Natalia beat Kaitlyn. As the match ended, Michael McGillicutty came out with Natalya’s panties and sniffed them. Kidd kicked McGillicutty in the midsection and walked off.


3. The Uso Brother beat Titus O’Neil and Darren Young.


This concluded the NXT taping.