*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For Tonight

Thanks to ProWrestling.net readers David Wallace and Iain Moore attended the WWE Smackdown taping in Cincinnati, Oh. and passed along separate updates that were combined into the one listed below on the WWE NXT taping.

Dark Match

1. Percy Watson defeated Chavo Guerrero. The crowd was hot for Watson. Chavo hit Three Amigos and went for a Frogsplash and missed. Watson won with an enziguri and a weak finisher.

A preview was shown for Triple H’s movie “The Chaperone.”

WWE NXT Taping

The Rookies were introduced and came to the ring. They were followed by the Pros, who took their place onstage. Cue the theme music. Matt Striker welcomed us. There will be two rookie challenges, and the winner of a fatal four-way match between the rookies can swap Pros.

A video aired from last week of Derrick Bateman scheming to cheat. The first challenge is “Outthink the Fink” with the winner earning two immunity points. The Fink came out. There was no winner, so no immunity points were earned.

1. Ted DiBiase (w/Brodus Clay) defeated Daniel Bryan (w/Derrick Bateman) in a non-title match. Bryan dominated the beginning of the match. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock, but Ted got to the ropes. Dolph Ziggler tried to work the crowd against Bryan a few times. R-Truth got a “Daniel Bryan” chant started. A lot of mic work from the Pros on stage.

There was a flurry of offense from Bryan, including a huge missile dropkick for a two count. Good back and forth action after that spot. DiBiase blocked a suicide dive attempt by Byran and used Dream Street to get the win. Iain writes that NXT may be worth watching simply because of this match.

A taped segment aired with DiBiase and Clay discussing the four-way match between the rookies. DiBiase pumped up Clay about winning so that they could go on to win the tag titles together.

2. Brodus Clay beat Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis, and Byron Saxton in a fatal four-way elimination match to earn the right to swap pros. Bateman was eliminated first. Saxton was out next when he was pinned by Curtis. In the end, Clay hit a “reverse Russian leg sweep” on Curtis for the win.

After Clay won the match, he opted to change pros from Ted DiBiase to Alberto Del Rio. Clay hit his finisher on DiBiase and then kissed Maryse on her head.