*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 3/14

WWE taped this week’s edition of NXT from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Below are live results:

Dark Match
Brodus Clay beat WWE Tag Champion Epico

NXT (Airing Wednesday)
Per William Regal’s request, every NXT match tonight will be a tag match. Opening tonight is the Usos vs O’Neil and Young.

* The Uso Brothers vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young
Usos don’t take kindly to the other team mocking their entrance. Both Usos with great dives over the top rope. Darren Young is so botchy tonight, he has barely got anything right so far. Top rope splash on Titus for the Usos to get the win.

Backstage Percy Watson tries to kill Curt Hawkins for hitting his basketball.

* Alex Riley and Percy Watson vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Rek
Riley still has good crowd heat. Watson is pretty bad at taking bumps, but Reks has nice power offense. Riley gets the hot tag and almost immediately is pinned by Hawkins.

Backstage, Johnny Curtis smells Kaitlyn’s hair. Pretty funny.

Michael McGillicutty is currently getting the most heel heat of the night. Ok promo. Tyson Kidd says McGillicutty may not like the fans… “BUT I DOOO.” Mike says Kidd will never be a Hart. And all hell breaks loose!

* Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn vs. Johnny Curtis and Maxine
Bateman’s family at ringside as he and Kaitlyn take on Maxine and Curtis. Bateman suddenly wins with a botched enziguiri. Bateman closes the show with a make out session with Kaitlyn.