*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For 3/21

WWE taped this week’s WWE NXT tonight from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Thanks to ProWrestling.net for live results. Below are full taping results:

A WrestleMania 27 video package was shown on the screen.

Dark Match

1. Jinder Mahal defeated Alex Riley. Jinder won with a Camel Clutch in a match that went between three and five minutes.

WWE NXT Taping

Josh Mathews and William Regal came out for commentary.

1. Justin Gabriel beat Curt Hawkins. Big pop for Gabriel. The match was very acrobatic. Gabriel won with the 450 splash in 2:15.

2. Darren Young defeated Jey Uso. Jey came in with the ceremonial dance, which was nice to see. He started off in control, but Darren young get the best of him. A “no one knows you” chant broke out. Young slowed down the match with headlocks. Uso gets the upper hand and hit a few clotheslines. Young hit his finisher to win in six minutes.

3. Percy Watson beat Tyler Reks. Jesus, no reaction for either one, K Greene wrote. Back and forth action, Watson wins at the six minute mark with a facebuster.

4. Tyson Kidd beat Michael Mcgillicutty. Solid pop for Kidd, who started the match hot by hitting a frakensteiner outside on McGillicutty. He played it up with the crowd. The fight spilled outside and Kidd dropped over the announce table. McGillicutty dominated the match for a few minutes, then Kidd mounted a little offense before winning with a springboard roll up type move at 8:55. Chris said it was a good match and said he recommends going out of the way to watch it online. Nick said Kidd is too good to be on NXT. This was the final match of the NXT taping.