*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results For Tonight

WWE taped tonight’s edition of WWE NXT tonight from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to WNW reader Sammy Spoiler for sending text-message updates. Below are full results:

Dark Match:

* Ted DiBiase b. Shawn Davari

WWE NXT (Airing tonight on WWE.com):

* The show begins with Tyson Kidd, Vladimir Kozlov and JTG on the ramp.

* Chavo Guerrero vs. Darren Young with Hornswoggle as special guest referee.
Winner after a Frog Splash, Chavo Guerrero.

* Backstage, Vladimir Kozlov is backstage with Connor O’Brian. Kozlov takes a board and breaks it over his head. O’Brian follows suit.

* Connor O’Brian w/Vladimir Kozlov vs. Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd. Winner after hitting Lucky Break, Lucky Cannon.

* Jacob Novak vs. William Regal. Before the match takes place, it’s changed to Regal vs. JTG. Regal picks up the win via disqualification after Novak takes him out.