Spoilers: WWE Raw Taping Results For Tonight

WWE taped tonight’s WWE Raw episode from the O2 Arena in London, England. Here are WWE Raw spoilers.


* Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family kick off RAW and come to the ring. Bray cut an awesome promo on Cena and got everyone to sing along with him. Bray announces John Cena vs. Luke Harper for later on. Cena comes out and ends up taking Wyatt down. Cena taunts The Wyatts from the ramp.

* Cesaro and Paul Heyman come out to a big pop. Heyman cuts a promo about how they are stars and the fans are a bunch of wannabes. Heyman then praises Brock Lesnar for ending The Streak. Out comes WWE United States Champion Sheamus for a non-title match. Sheamus gets booed big time. Cesaro gets the win with a German suplex. After the match, Sheamus offers a handshake but Cesaro refuses.

* Batista vs. Seth Rollins is announced for later.

* There will be a Beat The Clock Challenge tonight to determine who faces Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Title at Payback. Big E vs. Ryback is first. Big E gets the win with the Big Ending in 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

* R-Truth and either Cameron or Noami vs. Layla and Fandango is up next. The match never starts as Summer Rae returns. She kisses Fandango and goes right to attacking Layla and they brawl.

* Daniel Bryan’s music hits to a big pop but Stephanie McMahon comes out instead. Stephanie comes out and cuts a promo. At one point, you can’t hear her because of the deafening CM Punk chants. She announces that she was thinking about stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight title. She said she wants him to be able to lose the title on his own but since he can’t, she wants him at next week’s RAW to surrender the title himself. Stephanie wonders who she’s going to award the title to but doesn’t confirm anything else.

* 3MB come out as The Union Jacks. Lana comes out and talks about Russian President Vladimir Putin before bringing out Rusev. Rusev gets a massive England chant and some boos. He squashes Heath Slater.

* Backstage segment with The Shield. Rollins talks about his match with Batista later on. Roman Reigns shows off the scar above his eye.

* The next Beat The Clock Challenge match is Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam, who came out to a massive pop. RVD gets the win with 15 seconds left.

* Backstage comedy segment with Renee Young, John Cena and The Usos.

* Seth Rollins vs. Batista is next. Triple H is out to be the special ring announcer and Randy Orton is the special timekeeper. Rollins brings out Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns as special commentators. This was described as a great match. A big brawl broke out between both groups. Rollins gets the win via disqualification after Triple H decks him.

* Alicia Fox vs. Paige is up next. Paige comes out to a huge pop. Alicia dominated the match and got the non-title win.

* Mark Henry vs. Dolph Ziggler in the final Beat The Clock match is up next. Ziggler gets the win but can’t beat the clock by a few seconds. RVD comes out to celebrate being new #1 contender but Bad News Barrett attacks him from behind. Barrett cuts a promo on how RVD won’t be able to defeat him.

* Because she wasn’t heard earlier, they re-played the Stephanie McMahon promo. Bryan is still champion but must surrender the belt on next week’s RAW.

* Renee Young brings Adam Rose and his Rosebuds out to the ring. They party some before Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger interrupt. Rose is over big time in London. Zeb cuts a promo and wants Rose to face Swagger. Fans chant “you’re a lemon” at Zeb and Swagger.

* John Cena comes out for the main event and is met with “John Cena sucks” chants. Cena wins by disqualification after Bray Wyatt attacks him. The Wyatts beat down Cena after the bell and out of the ring. Bray lays Cena out on the stage with Sister Abigail. RAW goes off the air with Bray singing while Harper counts the 10 count on Cena.

  • codys moustache

    Uk crowd should be rowdy.

  • matthew pace

    Payback shaping up to be a helluva ppv, Shield/Evolution, Cena/Bray, looks like Sheamus/Cesaro which should be a great match, and the Usos/Wyatts for the tag belts, rock solid card

    • IJ Rock

      only if the writers use the feuds correctely like they did in the 2010-2012 time, if it is like last year then it will be horrible

  • Melissa

    I fully expect to see Cena bury another promising young talent at Payback.

    • da guy wit opinions

      Because it;s totally Cena who writes all his feuds right?

      • Melissa

        No, because Cena is the only guy that VKM will put on top and because that same VKM lost his ass last week and will need a hyper Cena push to make up the lost revenue.

        • codys moustache

          Are u for real?

          • Melissa


          • codys moustache

            Never mind Melissa, never mind

    • Bryan

      Say no more. They’re ready to attack lol

    • Guest

      CENA is giving hope to wwe as he will squash the “promising young talent”. what a young talent!

  • FearTheSpear

    Alicia Fox wins!!! YAY!!!

    • Sou’

      Yeah but how ? DO you know ? please ?

  • Chris Randall

    wwe is useless whats the point in watchin this sh** imma find somethin better on tonight

    • Bryan

      Heeyy. Don’t be a lemon.

    • http://marthalpittman.tumblr.com/ Martha Pittman

      Be a ROSEBUD!

      • Bryan

        Shoot me Martha lol

  • Bryan

    Let me tell you people how relevant CM Punk is. CM Punk chants survived throughout the “yes movement”. Enough said.

  • Big_Heat_34

    Great, apparently the “champion loses every non-title match ever” story was left behind in London last time, and they found it tonight. I HATE that.

  • metalfan76

    can someone tell me who Alicia Fox is sleeping with? She is perhaps more devoid of in-ring ability than anyone on the WWE and TNA roster combined.

    • LissaG

      With all due respect, I think you’re completely wrong. She is hella better than many. Also, she and Wade Barrett have been together for the last 3 years.

  • Jerihoar

    When will idiots finally shut up with that divas chant? she walked out get over it.

  • MrMcSnowman

    I hate DB lamest champ ever kick kick kick get beat up kick kick kick get beat up kick running knee I win Yes yes yes this is lame


    bray wyatt is suck, why he is in wwe?