Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 1/25

Published On 01/21/2014 | By PWMania.com Staff | News, Results

WWE taped the January 25, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* Naomi defeated Emma

WWE SmackDown

* Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio kicks off SmackDown. Rey and Show get the win after Rey jumped off Show’s shoulders with a splash. After the match, Paul Heyman comes out and cuts a promo on Big Show about his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

* The Miz vs. Brodus Clay is next. Bad News Barrett interrupts and starts doing commentary for the match from his podium, over the loud speaker. The Miz wins by pinfall and goes after Barrett. Our correspondent says, “Segment of the year. Barrett trolled the IWC.” He bashed the current WWE product while Miz and Brodus were in the ring. Before the match, Barrett said “We have to watch this garbage match before the main event” and then just criticized everything during the match. Barrett got a huge pop.

* AJ Lee squashes Cameron.

* The Shield appear on the big screen and talk about the Royal Rumble match.

* Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores.

* CM Punk cuts a promo on the Royal Rumble next. He talks about how The Authority hates him and is out to get him. Kane interrupts and talks about the odds of Punk winning since he’s the #1 entrant.

* Erick Rowan and Luke Harper squash Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Bray Wyatt enters the ring after the match and hits Sister Abigail on Young. Bray cuts a promo about how he will not only defeat Daniel Bryan at the Rumble, he will hurt him. Daniel Bryan comes out to a massive pop and talks about how he fears nothing.

* Emma is shown in the crowd again.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango.

* We get a preview for Randy Orton vs. John Cena.

* The Shield and The New Age Outlaws vs. Big E Langston, The Usos, Cody Rhodes and Goldust is up next. Seth Rollins does a crotch chop to get a pop. The match ends in a disqualification and everyone starts running out from the back. SmackDown ends with everyone brawling in the ring to hype the Royal Rumble match.

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  • Bryan Thomas

    See what i mean? Emma is going to get buried by divas she’s better than

    • Tyler

      Not really. First of all, it’s a dark match so only the live audience sees it. Second, they always lose the dark matches at first. Give it time and please stop throwing the word “buried” around

      • Bryan Thomas

        Buried buried buried. I don’t know why you’re hanging on to hope that their division is going to get better. And the moment she loses to one of this total divas (minus natalya) my point will be proven

        • Tyrek Bautista Smith


          • Bryan Thomas

            She athletic in the ring. That’s it. She’s not a wrestler. That’s the same thing that happening with roman reigns right now. Everyone is impress with a couple of moves but at the same time he’s not that entertaining

        • Yusei Asakura

          Uh I do hope you know Naomi was one diva who wrestled in NXT and came in 2nd place? if you’re gonna say someones better than someone At least make a valid statement. The only reason Naomi came in with that brodus clay gimmick was because Creative didn’t have stuff for her and hell She sure did last longer than The winner of that Season who was Kaitlyn(Who just recently left)

          • Bryan Thomas

            Hahaha so just because she came in 2nd place in nxt means that she can wrestle? Give me a break. As soon as she started wrestling on television, she was trying to do all of fancy stuff, and was botching so many moves. She is improving however. But when she’s in the ring, it looks more like cheerleading rehearsal than wrestling

          • Yusei Asakura

            no what I’m saying is if AJ worked for her push to have a title So does everyone else That’s the problem with the main roster People who’ve been there longer are getitng shoved aside for favorites. If anyone its paige that needs to head to the main roster not emma. And since when was cheerleading like wrestling moves a bad thing? Remember Mickie James?

          • Bryan Thomas

            And that goes back to my point. What’s the point in bringing up wrestlers like paige and emma if they’re going to be losing to divas who really are not even worthy of being in the ring? And mickie james’ moves had power behind them. Wasn’t a botch artists.these chicks now days get in the business first, and learn how to wrestle second. Which is the reason why the women’s division is trash. Like i said. Naomi is showing the most improvement. But don’t act like she wasn’t botching when she first stepped on live television. Plus her moves have about as much power behind them as maryse’s moves had, which is not convincing enough. And the worst part about it. Is that aj lee and tamina have to sell these harmless looking moves. Am i not right?

  • arlowoodenhead

    Love Emma, but she’s gotta pay her dues, just like Daniel Bryan did. Can’t wait to see Paige and AJ. Excuse me for drooling.

    • Bryan Thomas

      I understand if it was natalya. But naomi? That’s like daniel bryan paying dues to jamie noble

      • http://twitter.com/WeissWrites Aaron W.

        Uh, it was a DARK MATCH. Low-carders always work with the newbies, both winning and losing. It wouldn’t make sense to have her win on a dark match though, as nobody knows who she is. It’s just for the fans’ enjoyment.

        • Bryan Thomas

          Dark match or not if she loses against naomi in a dark match, she damn sure will lose to a bella or cameron on television. It’s happening to tamina right now. It’s not like any of these nxt divas are going to come up to the main roster and make a change. If they do however a change, and get the women’s division back where it needs to be by putting the ones that can’t wrestle in bikini contests and playboy mags where they belong, then i will shut up

          • Richard Hagen

            Emma JUST faced Natalya on NXT. And won, Junior.

          • Bryan Thomas

            I know that. But that’s nxt. In wwe she going to lose aganst the bellas etc. Seniorita

    • John


  • Kat

    WWE is doing the same bit with Emma as they did with Rosa couldn’t they come up with something better for her look what happened to Rosa

    • Bryan Thomas

      As long as rosa isn’t on tv, that’s one less talentless chick to bore me lol

      • Latoya

        I thought that was Eva Marie?

        • Bryan Thomas

          Oh so rosa can wrestle? Haha only three women on the main roster can wrestle. Naomi can wrestle and people are confusing her athleticsm for wrestling ability

          • Latoya

            Neither one can in my opinion. Isn’t athleticism apart of a wrestling ability?

          • Bryan Thomas

            As much as dribbling a ball is a part of basketball. She has all that athleticism, but her moves look like love taps But athleticism doesn’t make someone a wrestler if they can’t even apply a simple hammerlock properly.

          • MSKDSKJF

            WHAT AN ASSHOLE. Shut the fuck up Bryan LOL

          • Bryan Thomas

            Oh how i applaud your response. You get one thumbs up. Ok so i have to shut up because i know what’s wrong with a product that i’m trying love but can’t, because they’re force feeding us non talented people. Should i just shut up and settle for less? Remember………one thumbs up

          • Latoya

            Either way I’m team Kharma.

          • Bryan Thomas

            Yea kharma is a beast……..well it looks like i scared everyone off. Guess that’s it for me

          • MSKDSKJF

            Yes Bryan you scared everyone off with your intimidating typing ability and AMAZING knowledge of the wrestling industry. NOT. I like how you refer to guys like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, The Wyatts, the Shield as “Non talented” I bet you haven’t ven seen a Jon Moxley or Tyler Black match have you? You’re about the dumbest person I’ve ever had the disgust to see trash the WWE’s product. You know nothing, don’t say anything. no one agrees with you and no one really cares what you have to say. Go take some snapshots of yourself in the mirror cause CLEARLY you are soooooo good at that ;) LOL

          • Bryan Thomas

            You’re mistaking me for someone else. I’ve never said any of those guys are non talented you idiot. I’ve been talking about divas this whole time. And by the way ambrose and rollins are the biggest reason why i watch it so yea i’ve seen the czw, chikara and roh matches

          • Name

            Pay attention to my menstrual clock? LOL too much man tooooooo much.

          • longnoodle

            Get off every comment

          • Bryan Thomas

            Don’t worry about. Worry about these articles

          • Bryan Thomas

            What’s with the emotions guy? You should pay attention to your menstrual clock before paying attention to my pic.stop putting words in my mouth. Or better yet stop putting words in my posts. Idiot. Go find where i said any of those guys are non talented. Entertain me

          • Bryan Thomas

            So you’re about the dumbest person i’ve seen to read what i discuss(not disgust you jackass). And thank you for misinterpreting the names Naomi, Brie Bella, Kelly Kelly as the names Daniel Bryan, Cm punk, Brock Lesnar etc

          • robbie jr

            MSKDSKJF. i dont recall bryan saying those guys are nontalented. This whole discussion is about the divas division you dumbass. Jokes on you

  • Kala Lina

    The dark match before Tuesday’s WWE TV tapings in Grand Rapids saw Naomi defeat NXT Diva Emma in what was described as a real sloppy match.

    • Aiman Jarrar

      It was botchamania…

    • Bryan Thomas

      Pretty sure the sloppiness came on naomi’s behalf.

  • Otherside Jackass

    How in the hell is Emma gonna lose to naomi -_-

    • Tyler

      She’s new to the main shows and it was a dark match. That’s how it always goes

      • Otherside Jackass

        Well….I dont like it XD

  • Latoya

    Sounds like Smackdown was better than Raw.

  • April Jeanette Lee

    so far it does not matter who they bring up or the divas they have on roster now NOBODY is in the same league as AJ LEE IS nobody gonna beat her no time soon for the belt she gonna pass cm punks 434 days

    • Bryan Thomas

      Yea maybe she might pass him up. MAYBE. But don’t mistake her long title reigns for great wrestling ability. She can wrestle. But compared to trish and lita, even mickie james they all make aj lee look like kelly kelly in the ring

  • Aiman Jarrar

    Barrett segment was incredible. Bashed the current WWE product while Miz/Brodus were in the ring. Before the match said “We have to watch this garbage match before the main event” and then just criticized everything during the match. Got a huge pop and well deserved. Love Barrett, have since Nexus

  • D’Angelo Eddy Dinero

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Los Matadores loose a match. If WWE didn’t put them against 3MB and The Real Americans every minute and give them another team they would have been defeated already.

    • granddaddybob

      Loose a match?….can all of you people who are adults please please please learn how to spell or please please please do not post

      • Bryan Thomas

        Look who’s talking! You’re not even using correct grammar. Should’ve put a question mark after “spell” and capitalized the o in “or”. But i guess spelling should the first thing people get right.

  • Nathan Epstein

    I was there last night. It was awesome. Got really good pics. Wish batista would of made a suprise run out for del rio or the preview rumble match. Everybody was shouting his name.

  • Fabfreebird

    Why are you even wasting your time debating the Divas? Divas are a bathroom break where I come from.

    • Bryan Thomas

      Because they have a opportunity to get this shit right. Almost all of the woman on nxt can wrestle but you’re hurting them by sending them to the main roster to lose to the likes of brie bella and eva marie. If they are going lose on the main roster, at least let it be natalya,tamina and aj. Send those chicks that can’t wrestle off to do playboy shoots and bra and panties matches. Like it used to be. I was raised in the attitude era where even the divas were good wrestlers