Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 2/21

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the February 21, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* Alexander Rusev defeated Zack Ryder. Rusev won with a side slam finisher.

WWE SmackDown

* Smackdown starts and its announced that The Wyatt Family vs. Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and Rey Mysterio will be taking place.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger in the opening match. Vickie Guerrero and Kane-assigned Bryan with another match immediately against Cesaro. The crowd in Colorado Springs went nuts for Daniel Bryan.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Cesaro by DQ. We get some Swagger and Colter shenanigans during the match and they were ejected. Kane came out to watch from ringside. Some great back and forth wrestling. Bryan went for around 20 spins on the Cesaro Swing. Bryan hits the running knee. Kane came in and chokeslammed Bryan for the DQ finish. After the match, Cesaro hits Bryan with the Neutralizer.

* The Wyatt Family defeated Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust. Bray Wyatt hit a running block on Goldust and hit Sister Abigail for the win.

* Dance-off featuring Emma with Santino vs. Summer Rae with Fandango. Emma won. Fandango attacked Santino Marella. Emma pushed Fandango over Santino. There was more Emma and Santino kissing.

* Dolph Ziggler beat Titus O’Neil by pinfall. Darren Young was out for commentary. Young interjected when Titus was on his way to a win, allowing Ziggler to get a roll up on Titus for the win.

* Jimmy Uso defeated Road Dogg.

* Sheamus defeated Christian. They worked a slow pace with Christian working over Shaemus’s left arm. Shaemus ended up winning with White Noise. Christian attacked Sheamus, who cleared the ring to end the taping.

Dark Segment

* The Wyatt Family attacked Shaemus, causing Daniel Bryan to come out. Kane comes out, which brought out the Usos. The babyfaces cleared the ring except for Erick Rowan, who ate the Usos double superkick, a Brogue Kick, and Bryan’s running knee. The babyfaces celebrated, to send the fans home happy.

(Thanks to PWMania.com reader Jim Davidson and prowrestling.net for live results.)

  • Bryan Thomas

    Ok where’s the calvary?

  • Brandon

    Wait I thought rey was injured ?

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think bailey is more of a fit for santino


    Isnt O’Neil getting a push? and Ziggler beat him?! Im all for Ziggler winning but thought for sure he would have been fed to Titus

    • Bryan Thomas

      I really got to see where this titus o’neil thing will end up. Maybe everyone should get a chance like this at least one at a time instead of forcing wrestlers on us. This is what guys like reigns and langston need, a sink or swim push and if these guys swim then i would stfu about them. This is how you separate the real talent from the guys with bloated hype

    • Michael F

      Ziggler winning was more about furthering the Young/Titus feud than then jobbing out Titus. It’s the “Titus should have won the match but Darren Young distracted him so he would lose” gimmick.

  • FlawlessRKO

    Randy and Daniel will be the final two guys in the Chamber.

    • James Humwood

      ya I figured that to it will probably come down to cena, bryan, and orton with cena being screwed by the wyatts and bryan being screwed by the authority. I hope cesaro makes it to atleast the final 4

    • VINSH_143

      there is no way bryan winning the e.c.
      he’ll loose due to kane and their match we shall see in wrestlemenia. shemus vs christian shall be in wrestlemenia alongwith cena vs wytt or brock lasner (if undertaker iws not coming back) .cesaro can’t won ec. hence its just orten who will come out as winner. so predictable. wwe sucks………

    • Bryan Thomas

      What if the final three is orton bryan and cesaro? I have that feeling

  • James Humwood

    im confused it cesaro a heel or face im just wondering lol also emma and santino kiss is just disgusting but well atleast it isn’t khali xD.

    • Raihan Khan

      he is a heel but turning face, tnx to the fans

  • Raihan Khan


    • James Humwood

      ya it sucks I remember when he was mabel he was awesome. wish his family the best

  • http://twitter.com/xfoxylicious xFoxylicious #Foxsana

    Emma’s being buried by being with the clown and his green mega condom..

    • FlawlessRKO

      Why would she even agree to along with it?? I’d rather still be in NXT than with a circus clown on Raw/SmackDown

    • Bryan Thomas

      Hopefully she won’t be with him that long. I think this is really about emma and summer rae. And santino is just tagging along so that fandango doesn’t get left out

    • Bryan Thomas

      But that’s why i don’t even want paige to the main roster. They’d have her in a BFF role with the bellas lol. Either that or she will job to them

  • http://twitter.com/xfoxylicious xFoxylicious #Foxsana

    Was Sheamus vs. Christian the ME?

  • Hammad Ahmed

    Man SCREW Santino .. what are they Trying to prove with aligning Emma with him she is a talented Lady and santino is an ass … well if she had been aligned with Miz or someone like Morrison , well that had been better , that santino is like 40 yr man and emma is like 24 … what are they showing on wwe ? sick porn …!!

    • Roberto Bayrón-Adames

      She’s turning 25 next week, he’s 34…two people 9 years apart is sick porn?????

  • WWE RaZaR

    This Kane and Daniel Bryan shit is getting annoying really quickly. I want to watch Daniel Bryan wrestle, not get attacked by Kane every night. And I bet Cesaro vs. Bryan would be an incredible match if WWE would actually have it happen.

  • J D

    Emma doesnt seem like the sharpest tool in the shed,but come on..you dont see you’re being buried by bein teamed p with Santino?!

    • Roberto Bayrón-Adames

      Everyone thought Lita was being buried by being put next to Essa Rios…It’s just a start! Chill!

  • GhostSpectre

    you notice last year before Undertaker returned to storylines Paul Bearer died. this year a week before his return Viscera dies. are we going to lose one member of the Ministry every year until taker retires?

  • Guest

    dam this SD sucks

  • karthik

    rest in peace viscera/mabel/big daddy v

  • Otherside Jackass

    Kane in a suit and Director of Operations is just a stupid ass storyline and it should just be erased…If kane isnt gonna be the big red machine anymore then..fuck it..take him off television and boost bryans storylines.

  • VINSH_143

    wwe is foolsih. how about orten to win the e.c. and brock lasner attack orten as authority turns heel. next raw lasner won the belt and we can have batista vs lasner. it seems more valuable than orten vs batista.

    • luke1992

      1 thing the authority is already heel