*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 2/22

WWE taped the February 22 episode of WWE SmackDown Tuesday night from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Here are live results.

* JBL and Josh Mathews are out for commentary. Lilian Garcia welcomes the fans.

WWE SmackDown

* The show opens with highlights from Elimination Chamber and RAW.

* Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio come to the ring. Del Rio talks about Jack Swagger’s new attitude. Del Rio says this country was built by immigrants. Del Rio calls Swagger out but Randy Orton appears instead.

Orton enters the ring and says his opportunity was taken by Swagger. Orton wants a match with Swagger tonight. Booker T comes out and announces Wade Barrett vs. Del Rio and Swagger vs. Orton for tonight.

* Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus is up next. Sheamus gets the win after a lengthy match, using the Brogue Kick.

* They air the WrestleMania XXX announcement again.

* Aksana and Tamina vs. Kaitlyn and Layla is next. Kaitlyn spears Tamina for the win.

* Backstage segment with Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger and Wade Barrett. Zeb says Barrett is part of the problem. Zeb hopes Del Rio and Barrett kill each other.

* Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton is up next. Swagger wins a good physical match with his feet on the ropes.

* Promo for Dead Man Down. Backstage segment with Sheamus and Wade Barrett. Sheamus picks on Barrett’s acting and Barrett picks on Sheamus for losing to The Shield.

* The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes is up next. Miz wins with a Figure Four.

* Another immigration promo from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

* A vignette for Fandango airs.

* Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett is up next. Swagger and Zeb come out and watch the match from the stage. Barrett dominates most of the match but Del Rio gets the win by submission. Swagger and Zeb approach the ring. Swagger and Del Rio have a staredown to end SmackDown.

  • Macctruk

    Wow smackdown his hit new heights…………… Everyone is just plain awful story lines aren’t what they used to be.

  • mike madia

    “Zeb says Barrett is part of the problem. Zeb hopes Del Rio and Barrett kill each other.”
    That sentence alone might make this the best Smackdown in history. haha