Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 2/28

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the February 28, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* The Miz defeated Fandango with the Figure Four. The Miz received a solid pop from the crowd.

WWE SmackDown

* Smackdown opened with a memorial for Nelson Frazier, Jr. (a/k/a Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V)… The Uso’s and Daniel Bryan vs. The New Age Outlaws and Kane was hyped, plus an A.J. Lee vs. Cameron rematch.

* Batista started out the show with mixed boos and cheers. Batista started off by saying “I love this business and company.” He said he did not come back to be liked. A huge C.M. Punk chant broke out. He said you don’t have to support him, but you gotta deal with it. He said it’s a fact he can destroy anyone they put in front of him. A small Daniel Bryan chant started and died quickly.

Batista asked what the hell happened to this business, the real men, the attitude. A huge Yes! chant broke out. He said if the fans honestly think their heroes are as good as him they need to get out of their fantasy world and to get out of his. He said he would destroy each of our heroes on his way to WrestleMania where he will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Out came Dolph Ziggler. A “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant broke out. Ziggler started out by saying, “You don’t tell these people who to cheer for” and that they cheer for who they want. He said Batista is a dinosaur and sooner or later they become extinct. Ziggler said he wants a match with Batista tonight. Batista said he wanted it he would get it. Ziggler dropkicked him and walked away…

* Jack Swagger and Cesaro defeated Mark Henry and Big E. Swagger and Big E started the match. Cesaro supplexed Big E when Cesaro was on the top rope and Big E was outside of the ropes. Cesaro went for the pin and Swagger came in. Cesaro got angry. Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam on Swagger, but Cesaro kicked Henry. Swagger went for the Ankle Lock on Henry, and Cesaro tagged himself in. Cesaro hits The Neutralizer on Henry for the win. There was a lot of tension between Swagger and Cesaro.

* Backstage segment with Alberto Del Rio and Vickie Guerrero. Del Rio wants the night off but doesn’t get it. Sheamus comes in and challenges him to a match.

* Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ. Sheamus has black athletic tape on his ribs. It was basically the same match between the two. Out came Christian in a suit. He went to the announcers’ Table. It was a back and forth match but nothing special. Sheamus had Del Rio in a half crab then Christian came in and hit Sheamus for the DQ. Sheamus threw Christian out of the ring, then Brogue kicked Del Rio, and got Killswitched by Christian.

* The Shield argued backstage. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose yelled at each other like children. Enter Seth Rollins for the save. He said let’s show Bray Wyatt when you provoke the hounds you get the teeth.

* Batista defeated Dolph Ziggler. Dolph with fast offense to start. Batista got in the face of a fan wearing the clown wig. A boring chant started, then a C.M. Punk chant. This is a slow match. There were a couple spine busters in a row from Batista, who was generating serious heat by taunting the WWE Universe. Batista performed the Batista Bomb for the win.

* The Wyatt Family comes out for a promo but The Shield interrupts them. Triple H interrupts and announces a six-man match between the two teams on RAW.

* AJ Lee defeated Cameron to retain the Divas Championship.

* Brock Lesnar will confront The Undertaker on RAW.

* Daniel Bryan and The Usos vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws is the main event next. Daniel Bryan hit the running knee on Kane for the win for his team.

(Thanks to prowrestling.net for partial live results.)

  • Bryan Thomas

    Where’s the calvary?

  • bengalsmarvel

    By memorial do they mean the in memory of…screen they usually use or an actual video tribute? Im hoping for a video perosnally

  • Raihan Khan

    heel batista

  • Ashiq Biju

    Cm punk is the bitw Batista got the opportunity to win the royal rumple because of Kane

    • James Tebrucio Luna

      No… lol just no…

  • Yogesh Mundada

    There should be cena vs undertaker in an i quit match at wrestlemania 30

  • AUSTIN 3:16

    I hope bray wins again on raw

  • Akash

    i hope the shield will be shattered permanently on RAW in their six man tag match against wyatts.

  • cj

    Ugh feeding Ziggler to Batista sucks. I hope Ziggler recovers from this heat he has with the stupid officials. It’s been long enough… Also why are WWE using the same stories to break up teams ? Aj lost at EC because Tamina got her disqualified causing tension. Swagger got Cesaro disqualified on Raw, causing tension between them, and the shield been had tension, but Ambrose caused Reigns the match on Raw as well. I was like really WWE

  • James Humwood

    Lol they had to make the Batista match slow pace because he doesn’t have the energy for a regular match he needs to leave he sucks and has no endurance ziggler basically had to carry the match and apparently Batista only knows how to do spine busters and a half assed powerbomb…. Though I kinda want ppl to cheer Batista just to fu*k with him xD

  • Latoya

    I’m glad they are doing a memorial for Viscera, I was beginning to think they were pulling an arsenio hall incident. At least Ziggler is getting a shot and this Sheamus-Christian feud isn’t interesting at all, can we get him feuding with someone known to brawl.

  • renault

    I admire Cm punk for giving freedom of fighting more importance than money by leaving right away. Wrestling is all about passion than playing puppet to.the authorities screen play.daniel bryan too should leave if he consider it.then only wwe industry know what is to lose 2 faces of wwe coin.

  • Psychopathic Potato

    I hope Shield will pick up the victory on RAW.