Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 4/18

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the April 18, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

WWE SmackDown

* Triple H kicks off SmackDown and talks about Evolution reuniting on RAW. He says they are here. Evolution is the dominant three-man team in WWE history, not The Shield. Triple H announces Evolution vs. The Shield for Extreme Rules.

* Big E defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification.

* Paul Heyman comes out to massive boos. Heyman yells over and over and over and over again about how Brock Lesnar ended The Streak. This gets huge heat from the crowd.

* Paige vs. Aksana is up next. Paige gets dominated most of the match but wins with her Scorpion Cross Lock.

* El Torito defeated Hornswoggle by pinfall.

* Alexander Rusev defeated R-Truth by submission. Xavier Woods and Lana were at ringside. Woods hit the ring and attacked Rusev after the match but got squashed.

* Backstage interview with Sheamus.

* Fandango vs. Santino Marella is up next. Emma and Layla were at ringside. Santino wins with a roll-up.

* Batista defeats Sheamus in a very physical match with the Batista Bomb to end SmackDown.

  • Cam

    Why the hell are they making paige look weak when she had damn good matches on nxt against main roster divas and she’s totally better than them skill wise

    • FUTPD

      I think they want her to seem like an underdog. Emma was the other one in that match your referring to and look how she has been booked, an awkward untalented wrestler. So it could be worse. Shell gain more momentum and once AJ is back in the mix Paige will really get to show off her skills.

    • Cody Cosmos

      NXT is almost like a separate indie league, anyone with few exceptions come out as rookie status. Paige is booked as such. Whether she wins or loses to Tamina at Extreme Rules will be the real decisive factor.

  • Alex Chávez Gontier

    Santino wins..fuck..Fandago deserves a better push than this..

    • Lucas Wolfe

      This feud with Santino is a push? …

      • Alex Chávez Gontier

        Yes but i don’t like the form that WWE give us the storyline..I think that Fandango could be a solid contender for the United states champions for example..

        • Lucas Wolfe

          Yeah, I like that idea…. But, the feud doesn’t really do anything for anyone involved, sadly.. Pretty much why I think its not a push… So, it’s pretty much just a feud over nothing..

        • Yusei Asakura

          Well they sorta have to give him something. Let’s be honest the only thing he has going for him is “I’m the guy that beat Jericho in my first WM Match” which considering Jericho’s returns .. sorta means something in a sense they can build him up at any time

    • jamesd116

      Fandango sucks he’s boring and unskilled i have to ff every time his match comes on

    • Necro

      I believe this will become more about Emma than it will Santino or Fandango….

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    Paige will be on? Awesome. She makes me drool like crazy. I haven’t drooled like that since before Kaitlyn left.

    • Bryan Thomas

      I’m pretty sure lady tsunade makes you drool too lol

      • Jevonte Marquis Gore


  • John K

    I hope they do a Warrior tribute like RAW did.

  • Alex Strilio

    why isnt aj getting her rematch????

    • victor

      On bleacher report there is a link saying aj is on a indefinite leave and she is rewally not needed until aftrr extreme rules since tamina is the #1 contendor

  • Daniel

    They forgot all about Naomi who was the number one contender for the divas championship. Instead they give it to some NXT., chick. That is so dirty & prejudice of the WWE. Now all of a sudden Tamia, gets a title shot. Naomi never had her title shot. She got hurt but still should get her title shot. They just dog the sisters out.

    • Jason

      Naomi was apart of that match at Wrestlemania. Therefore she got her match and AJ Beat every diva on the roster including Naomi. So they bring up someone fresh without having AJ beat all of these Total Divas all the time. so The real number 1 contender now is AJ since she does have a rematch

    • Bryan Thomas

      Please don’t throw that prejudice card into the equation. You ob iously don’t know anything about paige.

  • Mic Wazowski

    I think I’ll skip this Friday night smack down but I’ll sure catch the main event

  • Nokie OoO

    good fandango lose the match i really hate that guy since first debut as fandango at wwe feud with jericho…now i still hate him…i dont like santino neither …they better push dolph ziggler/damien sandow…..gonna skip its and watch other match…thats match gonna be boring * joke

  • Daniel

    One on one, not a match with multiple divas. They started pushing her , then the injury then they stopped. Not a good move for t h e divas division.

    • Jason

      The fact that anyone from Total Divas is only going to use that Title for publicity for the show. The Divas championship is for those who deserve it because they do it for the wrestling, Not to get ratings for a B+ show. so the fact that you “Think” naomi had a chance is simply Irrelevant. Because Naomi had the same thing like nikki and bre had. samething as Natalyia, Naomi herself months ago was the same way. So its the same pattern with every “Total Diva” so now its going to be AJ vs Paige. Because its most likely going to recreate a modern day remake of the Lita/Trish Feud.

  • Rolf Ottens

    I don’t get why Rusev needed Lana? Couldn’t they just use Aksana for this?

    • dinnydevil

      Is that a joke?

  • Necro

    As long as Paige doesn’t drop the title I’m fine with whatever they do with her, she was portrayed as not ready, so her getting “dominated” and then winning in the end just helps her credibility, she can withstand attacks and come back harder. I don’t hate what they’re doing with her yet. – SUPER HUGE Paige fan

  • Daniel

    They already have women in place instead of bringing a woman from NXT, I wonder if it’s actually worth it to put all that work in, & someone from another wrestling faction gets the belt. I see why CM Punk left.

    • Chubs

      the whole reason y CM Punk left was so new stars could get their shot Naomi had her shot she lost at mania in my opinion Paige is so much more interesting to watch

  • Arun

    * El Torito def. Hornswoggle
    Hornswoggle dressed up as Jack Swagger
    Hornswoggle w/ Zeb Colter we the people

  • Arun

    Kavin Nash should be the 4th member of Evolution

  • Daniel

    It is what it is. She’s in NXT,& you bring in someone that is not even on the main roster.