Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 6/27

WWE taped the June 27, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here are WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Matches

* Adam Rose defeated Heath Slater in a back and forth match. While both Superstars got a pop from the crowd, Slater’s reaction was bigger than Rose’s.

* Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension when Goldust pinned Viktor.

WWE SmackDown

* Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Triple H kick off SmackDown. They talk about Money In the Bank and announce Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose.

* Bad News Barrett comes out, insulting Pittsburgh sports teams and some of their legendary players. Dean Ambrose gets the win with Dirty Deeds. After the match, Jack Swagger runs out and attacks Barrett. Ambrose lays Swagger out with a ladder. Seth Rollins runs in through the crowd, threw Ambrose off the steps and nailed a curb stomp.

* Paige defeated Cameron. After the match, Cameron tried to pick another fight with Paige.

* They air a video for Connor The Crusher.

* Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt is next. Sheamus won by disqualification when Erick Rowan and Luke Harper broke up a Cloverleaf that Bray was locked in. The Usos ran out to make the save and celebrated with Sheamus.

* Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio is next with Paul Heyman on commentary. Del Rio gets the win for his team with a cross armbreaker on RVD. After the match, Cesaro laid Del Rio out.

* Rusev and Lana come out for an anti-American promo before Rusev squashes Sin Cara. There’s a glitch as Big E’s video plays earlier than it’s supposed to but he comes out and cuts a promo. Big E and Rusev meet in the middle of the ring but Lana calls Rusev away. Rusev tries to attack Big E from behind but Big E sees him coming and knocks Rusev out of the ring.

* Roman Reigns vs. Kane ends in a DQ when Randy Orton interrupts right before Reigns spears Kane. Reigns spears Orton instead. Kane chokeslammed Reigns and set up a ladder. He allowed Orton to climb up and pose with the titles. Orton goes to punt Reigns but gets speared. Kane also gets speared. Reigns poses with the titles to end SmackDown.

  • Adnan

    Seriously after the match Barrett and Ziggler had on raw, you’ve got Bad News losing the same week to Dean Ambrose I guy who has had a handful of singles matches, they restore the prestige to the IC strap on Monday and by “Friday” they ruin it

    • Andrew Stewart

      Hey idiot. It’s called MITB. They need to make everyone strong.

    • FearTheSpear

      the IC won’t lose its prestige just because the person holding it loses a couple of times. that’s how you create competition for the title in the first place. Especially when a PPV is coming up

      • jmull


  • Bryan

    This mitb matchbis built around dean ambrose and seth rollins. But i think neither one of them will win it. Or maybe dean wins it and seth takes the briefcase off of him in a match

    • Cage

      Apparently Barrett got injured at Smackdown. If it’s not these 2, I hope Ziggler finally gets his win, he has been in doghouse for too long.

      • Trenton Langloss

        i see Ziggler winning it again, none of the others make sense. Ambrose and Rollins are feuding eachother, Barrett is IC champ, RVD wont stay long, Kofi has nothing going on and Swagger is down right now.

        • Myron

          yeah but Ambrose and Rollins could fued for the brief case come on now

        • Cage

          This time WWE has kept us guessing. And Lesnar and Daniel Bryan’s upcoming return will also come into picture.
          Last year Sandow/Orton winning was a surprise. I feel Shield’s individual members need to be developed as singles characters before being given main event title or title shots

  • Lucas Clarke

    Cody Rhodes (StarDust) and Goldust worked a dark match…I really need to see them on TV

  • jmull

    WTF! Is BNB getting a push or not?

    • Yusei Asakura

      Sounds like Swagger may be involved once again with someone getting hurt.

      Found the Next Orton guys

      • jmull

        Damn I hope not

        • Yusei Asakura

          WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann spoke to WWE’s website and said Barrett ” … sustained an injury to his right shoulder when he was thrown into the barricade by Jack Swagger.”
          Yep Wonder if he’ll avoid getting heat for this one like he did with Dolph

  • sam

    just a prediction…kane vs brock at sm point of time…buildin around takers loss if done right it cud be gud

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    remember when Bray was the shit?

    • Liam Fox

      Husky harris lol

  • ksedude

    Damn, they’re just finding new ways to make Bray Wyatt look weaker every week huh?

  • codys moustache

    I must confess……..I’m a boliever. He’s awesome, has a touch of wcw jericho. Awesome!

  • pik

    Dolph Ziggler is a lost cause and WWE should send him down to NXT to job to Adrian Neville for a couple of months before redebuting Dolph as The Red Rooster Jr. so he can cut passionate promos of himself going COCKADOODLEDOO and he can finally get rid of his pink homoerotic ring gear. The WWE will never trust him due to his sloppy work which ends up with him getting a concussion every couple of months… If they dont send Dolph down to NXT then they should just release him after he jobs out to younger talent for the next few months.