Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 6/6

WWE taped the June 6, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here are WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow. Sandow came out as Pete Rose.

* Sheamus defeated Fandango with a Brogue Kick.

WWE SmackDown

* SmackDown opens with Triple H and Seth Rollins coming to the ring to the Evolution music. Rollins is still wearing his gear. Fans boo Rollins and call him a sell out. Triple H says he told us he wins. Rollins takes the mic and our correspondent says he seems cockier than usual but a little hesitant. Rollins gets a lot of heel heat here but says only he knows why he turned on The Shield. Dolph Ziggler interrupts to a pop. Ziggler calls Rollins a sell out and Triple H seems amused by Ziggler coming out. Triple H announces Rollins vs. Ziggler tonight and Rollins looks at him like he wasn’t expecting that.

* Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler in a solid back and forth match.

* Big Show walks up on Rollins and Triple H backstage, calling Rollins a sell out. Triple H announces Show vs. Randy Orton for later tonight.

* The Usos defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel in a non-title match.

* Rusev squashed Xavier Woods. Rusev now has a huge Russian flag that hangs down above the ring.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Cesaro is up next. Paul Heyman is on commentary. Barrett gets the win in a good match that barely went 10 minutes.

* Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen and cuts a promo about losing at Payback. He says Sister Abigail warned him all this would happen.

* Natalya defeated Alicia Fox. Alicia threw a fit after the match at ringside, tearing up the announce table and threatening the announcers, including Lilian Garcia.

* Bo Dallas defeated Santino Marella. Emma was at ringside.

* Randy Orton vs. Big Show is up next. The match ends when Seth Rollins attacks Big Show. Rollins and Orton beat Big Show up. SmackDown ends with them posing.

  • ANNA

    I WANT PAIGE!!!!

    • FlawlessRKO

      You’ll get plenty of her once AJ returns in a few weeks.

    • jmull

      I actually think she is pretty bland. Her entrance is boring, she doesn’t talk well AT ALL, her moves set is weak, but she does have a legit finisher.

  • Mike Ross

    Couldn’t hang with Seth Rollins

  • Amanda

    Rollins sux and that is the end of the story!!!!

    • Bryan

      Rollins is the shit

      • C.J. Crawford

        Seth Rolling a.k.a. Tyler Black doing the hometown proud.
        Davenport West High School class of 96.

        • S.p. Sloan

          He graduated High School in 1996?

          • FlawlessRKO

            He was 10 in 1996.

        • FlawlessRKO

          Seth was born in 1986.

          • C.J.

            You are correct. I put my graduating year there for some reason.
            Slight case of the stupids. Derp.

  • Mr Slippyfist

    Happy for Rollins, I hope he gets the push.

    • matthewgarriet

      Let’s face it they are going to give him the U.S or Intercontinental Championship and be done with him

  • Breanna Carlin

    Roman still better get the push not that slimy rollins

    • Michael F

      Ambrose better get the push and not green Reigns.

      • Breanna Carlin

        Reigns is better

        • Bryan

          Nah. He will be a bigger draw. But he’s not better. Give me a legit reason why you think he’s better.

          • C.J. Crawford

            Reigns’ move set is much shorter now than it was coming up through NXT. He’s been cast as a power guy but he’s really talented. If he gets to use his full potential, he’s unstoppable outside of the typical b.s. outside interference crap that happens a lot.

          • Bryan

            But he’s never had filler moves, he’s only had the big moves. No snapmare-to-holds no hip tosses, no good sequencing or reversals. But his move is nontheless smaller that what is was. They try to push him as a powerhouse, and he’s not fit for a powerhouse role. He needs a role where he can show off his athleticism. Give him a flying elbow, some german suplexes and what not

          • Alia Khorami

            So far he’s done pretty well in the role wwe cast him. I agree with C.J. Crawford. If wwe let him use his full potential he can be a lot better. I’m also agree with you there’s better moves that a very athletic guy like Roman can use and showcase his talent

          • Bryan

            If wwe gives you the of the spot monkey, who’s only the ring for brief periods at a time, it’s easy to do pretty well. As far as wrestling goes, he’ll be just a little better than cena, but his ceiling will never be very high. Especially without applying the foundations into his in ring ability.

        • Charlie

          No he isn’t, he is good and a draw, but no where near as good on the mic as Ambrose, and he needs to expand his moveset alittle

          • Bryan

            But we expect women to say roman is better. Put roman in the indies and he’ll get swallowed alive.

          • Breanna Carlin

            No he won’t get swalloed in the indies. And y does everybody gotta slam roman 4?!?! Guys r just freaking jealous of him boys?

          • Bryan

            Jealous? I don’t hate him. I just kniw that he’s not as good as ambrose. How is that jealous? Like i said give me a legit reason why roman is better. A legit reason.

          • Breanna Carlin

            He’s a better wrestler and has more wins than him and please stop trying to get me to hate ambrose watch dean wrestle he would be nothing without the shield but give all of them time they will be champ

          • Bryan

            Lol roman reigns is a spot monkey. You probably don’t what that means. Ambrose has been in the ring with great indy wrestlers from czw, dragons gate ,chikara etc as a single wrestler. He’s not new. He’s been doing this. He has great technical skill. Roman only has an offence that can carry him for an eight minute match, you must be a kid. I don’t want to go over your head. There is no rigbt and wrong answers to opinions so i agree to disagree. But you really should separate reality from kayfabe.

          • Breanna Carlin

            I’m not a kid because I don’t watch the stupid indies and get over this every type of wrestling is fake

          • Bryan

            You’re the one calling us jealous lol you just backfired on yourself. No need to remind a man who’s been watching this since before nwo was even thought of that wrestling is fake. I simply put a little logic over your head and this is how you retort? It’s just a debate

          • Breanna Carlin

            And that dosent make dean better cause he had to go through more companies to even get to nxt roman started out as a nxt rookie and will end a wwe legend

          • Bryan

            Lol any guy that reads this post from you will know that i rest my case ahahaha

          • Charlie

            Dean has more experience though, Reigns IS good, but Ambrose will also go down as a legend,as well as Rollins. They are the future. Believe that.

          • Charlie

            I’m not jealous, he has a bunch of power moves which is what makes him dangerous, I ain’t hating, Critisism, he has 4 moves; Superman punch, Spear, Basic strikes, Apron drop kick thing. I honestly want him to succeed, but if he doesn’t get more moves then he will be known for his 4 moves of doom, and a baby face needs more than 4 moves. If he was a heel he might get away with it.

          • Breanna Carlin

            Roman is a good wrestler and he will be champion and just because he’s better looking then the others is not the only reason. I like him more I used 2 like Seth the most but not now

      • Bryan

        I don’t see why not. They pushed these guys to the moon, all three should be top guys. It would be complete bullshit if they drop the ball with any of them. You don’t put a guy like ambrose over everyone in the business while in the shield, and then drop the ball with him. Not only does that look stupid but it also kinda hurt guys like orton, ambrose has a WM pinfall victory over orton and if they dropped the ball with him, we’ll look back and say orton lost to a jobber at WM 29. Idk lol

        • Nelson Greene

          I’m almost convinced that WWE has no faith in Ambrose. He was the ideal choice to defect and turn heel but they chose Rollins, a more natural babyface, instead. I think he’ll be the one left in limbo when all is said and done with these three.

          • Bryan

            Maybe, maybe not

  • Latoya

    I’m happy for Rollins, hopefully this will push him even further, and what’s gong on with this whole RVD/BNB/Cesaro thing, where is Sheamus and does this mean Barrett is becoming a face?

    • Brandon Smith

      bro the only push here is rollin being pushed off a cliff he knows it we know it rollins just turned a sharp corner towards a downward spiral once this story line is over he will stay relevant for a lil while then fade like ziggler.

      • Latoya

        Only time will tell with this one hopefully not. He’s too hot right now either way to be buried like that, but making people disappear is talent they have so…

      • Bryan

        All i know is that HHH has always been high on Seth Rollins. They were high on Ambrose in the beginning, but maybe they forgot what he’s capable of since he’s been suppressed for almost 2 years.

      • jmull

        One thing you have to give HHH is that he gets people over, he makes stars out of most of the people he works with. Rollins is in good hands, and Ambrose and Reigns are gonna continue to get the big rub.

  • Bryan

    I’m waiting on the promo that dean ambrose is going to cut on monday. This is where he thrives on the mic

    • C.J. Crawford

      I expect something of a pipebomb to go off on Monday.

      • Mike Ross

        Pipe bomb? Nah bro that’s Cm Punk’s thing.
        Ambrose gonna hit em with that nuke.

        • C.J. Crawford

          Yeah, it’s going to get ugly.

    • FlawlessRKO

      Very true, but why did you like your own comment though?

      • Bryan

        Because i’m a narcissist lmao

    • jmull

      I’m much more interested to hear what Rollins has to say; we already know what Ambrose and Reigns are gonna say. HHH should be good too, this is his shit.

  • FearTheSpear

    i’m really looking forward to rollins’ heel run! he’s such an amazing performer and his mic skills have improved so much since he first started. i really want him to feud with Ambrose and Reigns because those matches will be beyond EPIC!

  • Bryan

    And what other team does any know disbanded while was on top? Every team in WWE history were weakened before they split, but the shield were on top and they been on top since day one. The stable’s legacy is sealed as one of the greatest stables ever. Nothing can compare to three nxt rookies who came in unestablished and immediately rise all the way to the top.

  • Yusei Asakura

    Going off of JR’s post about him being the next HBK or whatever

    I could see that honestly thinking about it now had Hall and Nash not left for WcW The Kliq could’ve been just as strong

    Not to mention you have Trips running things and HBK in his ear

  • Baffler Meal

    I hope to see Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins three-way feuding for the big title some day.

  • randy

    The shield and big show vs the wyatts was the dark March for smackdown

  • Wynne56

    Let dolph join the shield!!

  • Daniel Aviles

    Spoiler alert sting makes his debut on monday joining the shield and feuding with the authority leading to a match between him and kane then undertaker comes out of nowhere to help his brother leading to a match between sting and undertaker at wrestemania

    • Bryan

      I probably wouldn’t like that

  • Ty Gibson

    Women only like Roman Reigns because they they think he’s sexy. That’s it. No one is HATING on him. I like the guy. But I agree with Bryan he needs to expand his move set and tighten up his mic skills. Before he breaks out on his own, he HAS to have more tricks in his bag and be able to have matches over 10 mins. Right now he NEEDS to remain in The Shield.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    Biggest promo of Bray’s career and he can only say Sister Abigail made him do it? ugh. Buried.

  • codys moustache

    I just wanna say, why didn’t wwe do an angle with bryan where Kane puts him out of action, and the authority have to get the wwe universe to vote on what should happen instead of this silly title run from bryan which is just stupid and obvious. Instead of announcing he has a neck injury and needs surgery why not just have Kane attack bryan or throw him off something then do everything that has been done so far. The authority call the shots on the wrestlers but not the universe. This would also be good use of wwes social media and all its apps etc. honestly it seems like the creative team that exists in wwe currently isn’t so creative and the world heavyweight title picture has suffered because of it.
    Also a shield reunion 2 years down the road will garner the biggest pop ever(bold prediction) however if Rollins somehow finds his way back into the shield before this year ends this would only highlight the fact that wwes current creative sux nuts!

  • jmull

    Rollins deserves to be featured. He is getting good on the mic, and he is for DAMN SURE the most talented and most fun to watch in the ring of the Shield.

  • wwefan

    i like how everyone is saying that rollins isnt gonna go anywhere. hes extremely talented, decent physique, and hes getting pretty good on the mic. Plus Triple H obviously chose rollins and has said hes been high on him