*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 4/26

WWE taped this week’s WWE Smackdown Tuesday night from the O2 Arena in London, England. Below are full results:

Dark Match

* Alex Riley defeated Primo

WWE SmackDown

* Lilian Garcia sings the national anthem prior to the SmackDown tapings.

* A video recap is shown of The Undertaker / Team Hell No vs. The Shield match from Monday’s Raw.

* Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio in a no disqualification match kicks off Smackdown. The crowd is chanting Si Si Si. Jack Swagger beats down Del Rio with a kendo stick. Del Rio brings out a ladder, and Swagger runs right into it. Swagger goes to get the ladder and Rodriguez takes and runs away. We want tables chant breaks out. Swagger gets a chair from ringside but Del Rio lands a kick and Swagger drops the chair. Del Rio goes for the arm breaker on Swagger but Swagger counters and throws Del Rio towards a chair. Swagger pins, but Del Rio kicks out at the two count. Zeb distracts Del Rio and allows Swagger to hit Del Rio with ladders. Del Rio locks in the arm breaker but Zeb throws a kendo stick to Swagger. Swagger defeats Del Rio after hitting him with a ladder.

* Sheamus vs The Big Show and Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry is announced for later tonight.

* Layla defeated Aksana.

* The Shield tout their victory on Monday’s Raw in a backstage segment. Dean Ambrose claims he is going to beat the Undertaker, they will square off one-on-one tonight.

* Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel. The crowd went crazy chanting “Fandango” and Fandangoing in the stands.

* A promo for the new Mick Foley DVD, For All Mankind, aired.

* The crowd is chanting “JBL,” and Sheamus is out next.

* The Big Show defeats Sheamus after he is distracted by Mark Henry. Sheamus tried to lift Big Show, but Show fell on top of him for a two count. Show followed up with a big splash from the second rope, but Sheamus kicked out at 2. Sheamus hit White Noise, and went for the Brogue kick, but Show slid out of the ring. Mark Henry came in from the crowd and distracted Sheamus by tipping the steps, allowing Show to hit the WMD for the win.

* They show Twitter updates from The Rock, with no real reaction from the crowd.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett defeated William Regal in a quick match. Regal missed a knee trembler leading Barrett to hit the Bullhammer elbow for the win.

* A recap of the Triple H – Paul Heyman angle from RAW is shown.

* Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Sheamus came out and connected with the brougue kick to Henry. Randy Orton hit the RKO on Henry following the match. This concludes SmackDown.

* There was a backstage segment with Matt Striker and Booker T. A bunch of stars interrupted.

* The Undertaker comes out and the arena erupts. The Shield makes their usual entrance through the crowd. The crowd are chanting Undertaker. The Undertaker lands a chokeslam and locks in the Hills Gate on Ambrose, making him tap. The rest of the Shield attack Undertaker. Reigns spears Undertaker through barrier and crowd chants “holy shit.” The Shield continue attack Undertaker and Triple power bomb him through announce table with more “holy shit” chants. The crowd boo the Shield as they stand over the Undertaker.


* Massive pop as the New Age Outlaws come with Triple H. Crowd chants for Triple H and DX. Triple H and the New Age Outlaws made the save and escorted The Undertaker backstage.

* Fandango now makes his way to the ring and does some Fandangoing. The whole crowd starts Fandangoing. The show ends with WWE playing Fandango’s music as the crowd leaves.

  • Guest

    WTF happened to Ambrose vs taker?

  • Tom McLaughlin

    so I guess this means Taker is written off TV for a while then?
    Shame, because I wanted to see Taker/Hell No vs. The Shield at Extreme Rules

  • Tom McLaughlin

    oh no apparently Taker was the dark match. Maybe not then.