*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 2/1

WWE taped this week’s SmackDown Tuesday night from the Valley View Casino in San Diego, California. Below are full taping results:

WWE SmackDown

* Smackdown kicks off with Booker T entering the ring for his big announcement with Teddy Long. Sheamus, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, The Great Khali, Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the ring for the announcement. World Champion Alberto Del Rio is outside looking for Big Show with a bat. Booker starts to announce that they will compete in the Elimination Chamber, but gets interrupted by the return of Jack Swagger who wants in the Elimation Chamber match. He has a beard. Booker T says Swagger has to earn it. Dolph Ziggler says he’s not interested in the Elimation Chamber match as he has a guaranteed shot. Booker said that Ziggler can chicken out of the Chamber match, but he can’t chicken out of his match with Alberto Del Rio tonight.

* Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No. Kane and Rey start. Rey gets some offense in early on and tags in Sin Cara, who gets dominated by Kane. Daniel Bryan is tagged in and Cara gains the advantage. Fast paced match with the crowd behind Rey and Sin Cara. Late in the nmatch, Kane is working over Sin Cara and tagged in Bryan, while Cara made the hot tag to Rey. Rey got in some offense on Bryan and set him up for a 619, but Kane tried to block it with a chokeslam. Rey kicked Kane out of the ring, and Bryan locked in the No Lock. Sin Cara broke it up, Rey hit the 619 on Bryan and gets the win. Team Hell No argued after the match. Said to be a great match.

* A video recap of Alberto Del Rio and Big Show from The Royal Rumble and RAW is shown.

* Matt Striker attempts to interview Del Rio outside, who is still waiting with a bat. Del Rio said that he is just getting fresh air and told Striker to leave him alone.

* A recap of the 3MB – Great Khali segment from RAW is shown.

* The Great Khali (with Natalya and Hornswoggle) defeated Jinder Mahal (with Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater). 3MB tried to interfere, but Hornswoggle blocked that. Khali destroyed Mahal in a short match.

* Backstage segment with Booker T and Teddy Long discussing Jack Swagger’s return, and Teddy Long revealed that it was his idea. Team Rhodes Scholars interrupted and quoted something, and then hugged for a long time. Booker makes Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow for later tonight, and then said, “you’re welcome.”

* A recap of the Vince McMahon – Paul Heyman segment from RAW was shown, which was the same package shown on Main Event. A WWE exclusive video showing Vince being stretchered out of the arena with Stephanie beside him is also shown.

* Del Rio is shown out back still waiting.

* A recap of John Cena winning the Rumble, deciding on which title to go after and then getting attacked by The Shield is shown.

* Sheamus vs Damien Sandow is next. Sandow took the early advantage. Sheamus fought back and started to dominate when the Shield entered and attacked Sheamus. Rollins is in first, but gets laid out by Sheamus. The Shield beat him down and then planted him with the triple power bomb. The hits were hard, and Rollins sold well. The Shield then left through the crowd.

* A recap is shown of Wade Barrett losing to Bo Dallas on RAW.

* Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett. Barrett dominated early. He sat Orton on the middle rope and kicked him off it to the outside. Cool move. Outside of the ring, Barrett missed a forearm into a pole. Orton put him in the ring and hit an RKO for the victory.

* Backstage Wade Barrett is being interviewed about losing to Bo Dallas, but says nothing. Barrett sees Dallas and attacks him. Dallas fights back, but Barrett throws him into gear.

* Jack Swagger defeated Kofi Kingston. Swagger dominated Kofi early on using wrestling moves. Kofi kept trying to find back, but Swagger kept putting him back down. Kofi finally is able to knock Swagger down and hits the Boom Drop. Swagger fights back, but Kofi sends him out of the ring. They fight outside with Kofi missing a kick and accidentally kicking the announce table. Swagger then rolled Kofi in the ring and defeated him via submission with the ankle lock. Swagger looked good, it looks like he’ll be getting pushed.

* Back outside, and Del Rio hides as The Big Show’s bus pulls in. Big Show gets out and Del Rio attacks him. Show tries to get away and tries to climb on top of a car. Del Rio breaks the window and they fight on top of the car. The play a game of chase around the car before Show gets in another car and drives off.

* A recap of The Rock – CM Punk segment from RAW is shown.

* This was said to be really good. The crowd was hot for Ziggler early on. Early in the match, Del Rio was on the top rope but AJ Lee distracted the referee and Big E pushed Del Rio to the mat. The referee then ejected AJ and Big E, but the distraction put Ziggler in control of the match. Ziggler kept control for awhile until Del Rio managed to catch him on the top rope and superplexed him. The crowd is behind Del Rio, who plants a side kick to Ziggler’s face. Ziggler kicked out and countered Del Rio’s arm lock and hit a famasser, but Del Rio kicked out. Del Rio hit a backbreaker, but Ziggler kicked out. Del Rio jumped off the top rope, but Ziggler caught him in the air with a drop kick. The crowd started chanting, “this is awesome!” Del Rio eventually locked in the arm bar to get the win.

* Big Show has Ricardo hostage backstage. Show punches out Ricardo again.

Big Show comes out to the ring in street clothes and talks trash and insults the crowd. Del Rio tries to make it to the ring, and fights trainers to come out to the ramp. Del Rio eventually breaks through and runs in, but Show spears him. Show then grabbed a chair. Del Rio managed to get the chair and nail Big Show with it about 10 times. Show then rolled out of the ring and ran away. Del Rio celebrated in the ring to a huge pop.

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