Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 4/11

WWE taped the April 11 WWE SmackDown episode from the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Here are WWE SmackDown spoilers.

WWE SmackDown

* John Cena kicks off SmackDown and talks about WrestleMania XXX. He says it’s an exciting time to be part of WWE. He says the future is now and he is the measuring stick of this business. The Wyatt Family interrupts on the big screen. Bray Wyatt says he can’t feel pain and if he lost, why can’t he stop smiling. Bray cuts a great promo and says he will get extreme and this is just the beginning.

* Big Show vs. Cesaro is up next. Paul Heyman comes out and says there is officially no more doubt that he is the greatest manager of all time. He introduces Cesaro, who comes out to no music. They walk to the ring and we get the bell. The match starts slow as Heyman goes on commentary and Cesaro is using some noticeable heel tactics such as leaving the ring, huddling with Heyman and a thumb to the eye. This isn’t Cesaro’s normal type of exciting match, but look at the opponent. Just as Cesaro was going for the Swing, Jack Swagger came out and put the ankle lock on Cesaro. The bell rings and Cesaro wins by DQ. Show throws Swagger out of the ring and then Cesaro attacks Show from behind. Cesaro struggles a lot but successfully hits Show with the Neutralizer.

* Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores in a quick match.

* Rob Van Dam cuts a babyface promo before defeating Damien Sandow.

* Hulk Hogan comes out and cuts a promo on WrestleMania XXX. He brings out Daniel Bryan to a big pop. Bryan talks about winning the titles and getting married later this week. Bryan talks about being a fan of Hogan and asks that Real American be played. Hogan and Bryan celebrate to Hogan’s music as the crowd pops.

* Bad News Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston.

* Fandango with Layla defeated Santino Marella with Emma. Fandango has officially dumped Summer Rae and is now with Layla. Layla taunted Emma at ringside.

* Daniel Bryan and The Usos went to a double count out against Kane, Randy Orton and Batista. Bryan got the biggest pop of the night when he got the hot tag and cleaned house. They all brawled to the floor for the count out. Kane, Orton and Batista got the upperhand after the bell until The Shield came out. Orton and Batista ran off together and Bryan laid Kane out with a flying knee. SmackDown ends with Bryan and The Shield celebrating to “yes!” chants.

  • luke1992

    looks like a good smackdown

  • Bryan Thomas

    Cena just wants to be apart of the mix so bad. Damn just go away. RAW was awsome without your face being everywhere on the show.

    • dee

      Cenas not going anywhere. He makes the company to much money. Evidently you all know nothing about running a business. They look at the big picture. Not a few haters that’s tired of the good guy.

      • Bryan Thomas

        You just wasted time responding to me. Because i honestly don’t care what he does for everyone else. In MY own personal opinion, i want him to go away. And save the running a business line for someone else because you’re not some big shot with a lucrative business

        • dee

          Actually I do have a lucrative business and as a business owner I understand the small minded mentality. However you were right about wasting my time responding to your comment. Your immaturity confirms it.

          • Bryan Thomas

            Oh wow i’m immature because i don’t like cena. I must also be immature for not liking tony romo. I’m pretty sure someone with a lucrative business would be wasting their time on the comment section of a wrestling site.

          • dee


          • dee

            Business owner that likes wrestling… BTW I don’t like Romo either

          • Necro

            Same could be said about a low life like you doing the same thing?

          • Bryan Thomas

            You just refuse to ignore me, right? If it was the other way around, i not comment on yours because understand that anyone with their own opinion is a person that i’m alright with. You may not agree with anything i say, but at least be cool with the fact that i’m not the type to jump on bandwagons just because everyone else is doing it. I like who i like. And dislike who i dislike.

    • Necro

      He’s not even going for the damn title anymore, he’s nowhere near that picture and you still want him gone? He put on a hell of a match with Wyatt and is putting him over big time and you want him gone? He shouldn’t go for a title run anytime soon but to say he should go away completely is ludicrous.

      • Bryan Thomas

        I can almost guarantee that he’ll be back in the title picture before summerslam. And necro this is my opinion. MY opinion. There’s no point to responding to it because it’s just my opinion. If you guys like cena then more power to you. I’m not going to try to convince you to stop liking him because i can’t. And i will not be convinced otherwise either. It’s just an opinion. Cena will be the top guy despite what i say

        • Necro

          I’m not saying I like Cena, which I don’t, I’m saying I respect what he’s done and he’s not even at the top, and so what if he’s in the top spot? You’re saying he hasn’t earned it? Cut me a break the moment that Cena would turn heel(Which is probably never) you’d flip shit and just wack off to him nonstop because now he’s good. He’s earned what he has and for him NOT to be in the title picture for a certain amount of time is something I’ll take.

          • Bryan Thomas

            If i don’t like a wrestler it’s mainly because either he’s not as good as the guys that he’s going over, or he’s dull. With that being said, even if cena turns heel i would not care. It’s not like he would become the greatest heel of all time. The guy can’t even sell a feud. One week he’s making margaritaville jokes about bray wyatt, then the next week all of the sudden he’s afraid of bray wyatt.

  • Latoya

    I have to agree, seems like a decent Smackdown. As long ad they dont repeat the same story with Barrett, they should be good; Sheamus is wide open. Could they really be using more aggressive players now? I’m not sure if I should rejoice that they might be finally getting it, or continue to be skeptical. I’m gonna go with the latter.

  • Ellsworth Allah


  • Jahinnn

    Regardless of who likes who, the big picture is that Cena makes WWE a whole lot of money, the crowd loves and dislikes him, you see the reaction he gets when he comes out yet he uses the crowd to interact. Ok he can be frustrating at times but i seriously dont think he will be in the title picture any time soon, IMO he should be used to bring up the future talents, just like he did with Daniel Bryan by giving him that title shot. Put him in a fued with Roman Reigns or Cesaro and he will do his best to ensure that they become a great. At the end of the day he’s best for business.