*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 7/27

WWE taped this week’s edition of Smackdown Tuesday from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Thanks to Cam and Jenn Naylor, Brendon B and Chris W. and Wrestling Inc for results. Below are full results:

Dark Matches:

* The Usos defeated Hunico and Camacho.

* Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder is up next. Ryder gets a monster pop from the crowd. Ryder hits the Broski Boot and the Rough Ryder for the win

WWE SmackDown:

SmackDown is getting setup. Booker T comes out to a nice pop while Michael Cole gets his usual heat.

The Miz’s music hits and he comes out to his usual heat. His title win on RAW is recapped. There are lots of boos, mixed in with some cheers. Miz thanks the “peeps” for their vote that helped him get his match. Christian interrupts. Christian wants a rematch tonight. Rematch to take place now.

Christian vs. The Miz: Christian controlling the match early. Miz recovers and goes to work. Lots of boos. Miz threw Christian out to the wall and almost wins via countout. Miz is back in control for a bit, but Christian comes around. Christian going to the mid-rope, but Miz recovers. Both battle and Miz goes down. Christian comes off the top but Miz nails him as he comes down. Crowd is behind Christian as he recovers. Christian is now in control and there are lots of two counts. Very back and forth. Good match. Crowd into it as Christian goes for the Killswitch. Miz escapes and hits his DDT. Miz to the middle rope and is pulled down. Christian is calling for spear and Miz rolls out of the ring. Both are back in the ring and it’s back and forth again. Miz then rolls up Christian for the win. Miz is your winner, and still champion, via pinfall.

There will be a four-way contender match with Kane, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan. Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus is also announced for tonight.

Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback: Mahal actually lays some hits and tries for a pin. Crowd is not amused. Mahal still controlling the match. “Goldberg” chants start and Ryback takes over. He hits a solid spinebuster and Mahal rolls out of the ring and starts up the ramp. The match is over, Ryback wins by countout. Ryback is not happy and chants, “feed me more!”

A recap is shown of the CM Punk – John Cena match from last night, all the way through the Rock coming in and getting clotheslined by Punk.

A recap of the six man tag match from last night is shown. Sheamus comes out to a big pop. Cody Rhodes is out second and the match is on.

Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes: Sheamus is in control though the early portion of the match. Dolph Ziggler hits the floor with the briefcase… and dropped it. Lol. Cody goes to work and Ziggler is slowly going around to the announcer table eyeballing the ring. Cody continues to work Sheamus over. A couple of kickouts, but Rhodes is still very much in control. Cody applies a headlock, but Sheamus comes alive. Rhodes finds another opportunity and hits a back flip off the top rope, But misses. Sheamus hits his back breaker. Rhodes is back in control as Ziggler gets to the ropes with the briefcase. Sheamus eventually plants Cody with the Brogue kick and gets the pin.

Ziggler slowly gets down and stares. Chris Jericho comes in from behind in a pink Ziggler shirt and throws Ziggler back in the ring and Sheamus beats him down! Jericho mocks Ziggler and nails him with the codebreaker. He rips off his shirt and mocks Ziggler as he is laying there.

Antonio Cesaro (w/ Aksana) vs. Santino Marella: Match starts of slow. Aksana distracts Santino. Cesaro works over Santino a bit, but Santino comes alive and hits his usual moves. Cesaro gets out the cobra. Santino is distracted again by Aksana but maintains control. He fails with the Cobra, and Cesaro picks up the win.

A clip of the DX – Damien Sandow angle from RAW is shown. Sandow is next.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Damien Sandow: Match starts off quickly. Sandow quickly lays waste to Tatsu and gets the win.

Sandow starts talking after the match about last night to major boos. It’s so loud that we can’t even hear most of what he says. He finishes by saying he was “your martyr” and “you’re welcome.” He does a cartwheel and bows to the fans. Triple H comes out to the ring to a monster pop. Triple H says he got caught up in the moment on RAW and apologized for “humiliating” him. Triple H then hits the Pedigree and then does a DX chop over the fallen Sandow.

Backstage segment. AW and the Primetime Players interrupt a photo shoot with Rosa Mendes. AW takes the camera after jawing with the camera guy and starts taking pics of the Primetime Players.

A recap is shown of the Triple H – Paul Heyman – Stephanie McMahon – Brock Lesnar segment from RAW.

The four way match to determine the #1 contender is up next.

Fatal 4-Way – Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan: All the participants go after each other and it goes outside the ring. ADR interrupts a 619 on Bryan. Lots of action. Kane looking solid and taking on Rey and Bryan. Double suplex by Kane. Kane still in control. Del Rio stops it. Del Rio and Bryan go at it. Bryan kicking Del Rio hard in the corner to tons of YES chants. Kane and Del Rio go back and forth. Kane and Bryan take it outside the ring. Bryan hits Kane over the barricade. Rey comes back in and is gaining steam against Del Rio. Bryan comes in to try and stop, but Rey get him up against the rope for the 619. Del Rio tries to stop him, but Rey hits him and sets him up right next to Bryan. Double 619 to a huge crowd pop. Rey up to the top rope and nails Bryan and goes for the pin, but Ricardo Rodriguez pulls him outside the ring. Del Rio snags the pin for the win and a huge amount of heat!

Cameras off. Del Rio jawing at the crowd to a ton of heat. Sheamus comes back out to a pop. Del Rio rolls out of of the ring as Sheamus steps in. Del Rio is on the mic outside the ring to a lot of “You Suck” chants. The crowd is wanting a match right now.

Dark Match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio: Both men are inside the ring for the belt for the dark match. The bell rings and the crowd is going nuts for Sheamus as he goes to work on Del Rio in the corner. Sheamus is in control early, but Del Rio gets him with the ropes on the outside of the ring. Del Rio gets back in and is working him over. Sheamus gets back on his feet but Del Rio gets him down again for a failed pin. Rio charges at Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus tosses him over the top rope. Del Rio gets back in and Sheamus is going to town. Sheamus goes for a pin, but Del Rio is out at 2. Del Rio gets back in charge for a bit, but Sheamus hits him with his backbreaker. Sheamus misses the Brogue kick and Del Rio applies the cross arm-breaker, but Sheamus gets loose. Sheamus then plants Del Rio for the Brogue kick and gets the pin.

The crowd is cheering and out comes John Laurinaitis with a steel chair. The crowd boos. Ricardo jumps on Sheamus and Laurinaitis tries to hit Sheamus with a chair. Swing and a miss! Sheamus throws Ricardo off and nails Laurinaitis with the Brogue Kick. The crowd is happy as Sheamus celebrates with the fans.

  • 8th wonder of the world

    Watch for the LJN Andre the Giant sign. Dude makes it in almost every match.

  • Mal

    Are they using the RAW 1000 set (being the new standard set) or did they go back to the 2008-12 version

  • shriraaam

    Why daniel brayn always screaming like yes yes or else now no no….. what happens? any psychological problem to him??? a great coward Mr. jinder mahal who ran away from the ring by getting fear on Ryback such cowards are not required for wwe. congratulation mr. BOOKER.T taking incharge for smackdown. cody cannot
    perpetrate you here after!!! what a great twist!!
    at summer slam HHH wanna to defeat brocklesnar and let give a nice slam using
    hammer!! okay any how my Likely superstars must always shine forever in WWE.