Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 1/29

WWE taped the January 31, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* Alexander Rusev (with Lana) defeated Tyson Kidd.

WWE SmackDown

* JBL and Michael Cole are out for commentary.

* SmackDown opens with a RAW recap and out comes The Shield. Dean Ambrose says the Elimination Chamber is made for The Shield. He said the WWE Universe, The Authority and Randy Orton knew if The Shield got in the Chamber one of them would have walked out champion. Dean talks to Roman Reigns about him setting a record at the Royal Rumble. They talk about eliminating each other at the Rumble. Seth Rollins is the voice of reason. He then talks about The Wyatt Family & says they are the reason The Shield isn’t in the Chamber. He doesn’t know why they did what they did and he doesn’t care but they need to be dealt with. He praises the other two members of The Shield. Ambrose said they will wipe The Wyatt Family off the earth. Vickie Guerrero came out to major heat. You couldn’t hear what she was saying but Triple H came out next.

Triple H says he understands where The Shield is coming from. He said The Wyatts cost them. He said it’s water under the bridge and to let it go. There is no benefit from it & all there is is loss & more problems and to just let it go. Reigns steps up & says he doesn’t need Triple H’s approval. Triple H says there is no talking them out of it and asks us if we want to see The Wyatts and The Shield go at it. He announces The Shield vs. The Wyatts for Elimination Chamber.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match is next. Cesaro is announced as from the United States now. Zeb Colter is with him but Jack Swagger is not. A solid back and forth match that went outside of the ring. Cesaro eventually hits a Cesaro Swing and the Neutralizer for the win.

* The Shield vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio is announced for later.

* Fandango with Summer Rae defeated Xavier Woods with R-Truth, Cameron and Naomi.

* Christian vs. Jack Swagger in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match is announced.

* Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Titus didn’t try to break the pin up and started an argument with Young. Titus walks out on Young. Young’s mouth is busted open. Young grabs the mic & asks what Titus is doing. He said they are like brothers & family. Titus says no & he’s tired of feeling like a loser. He came to WWE to be champ. He said the only dead weight he’s getting rid of is Darren Young on his back. He then knocks Darren to the mat & starts beating the hell out of him. He takes it to the outside & continues the beat down. Titus turns heel. Young is knocked out.

* Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are out for the last Elimination Chamber qualifying match. Christian is out next with a new t-shirt. He gets a big pop for his return. JBL has to get up and remind Zeb that he’s on commentary. Another good back and forth match at the end. Christian got the win with a frogsplash and the final spot in the Chamber. After the match, Zeb is furious with Swagger and throws a fit in the ring.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow with SOS.

* Renee Young interviews Christian backstage. He says he earned the Chamber spot, he’s desperate and close to becoming champion.

* Cody Rhodes defeated Road Dogg with a Disaster Kick. Goldust and Billy Gunn were at ringside and fought during the match. After the match, all four brawl and The Brotherhood gets the upperhand.

* The Shield are out for the main event. The Wyatt Family appears on the big screen for a promo. Luke Harper actually spoke this time. Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio are out next. The Shield gets the win when Reigns hits a spear on Mysterio. That’s the end of this week’s SmackDown tapings.

  • Raihan Khan


  • Apostoli Camberis

    Its Official Shield vs Wyatts

  • Bryan Thomas

    Isn’t obvious that the wyatts will win? Kinda defeats the purpose

  • Joey Slater

    Cesaro will be challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Obviously he won’t win, but that is a great move by WWE

    • Bryan Thomas


  • Bryan Thomas

    Lol primetime players! This is reminiscent of crymetime.

    • BearInterrupted

      Maybe Darren Young should go hunt out JTG and start CrymeTime 2.0

      • Bryan Thomas

        Yea and replace 3mb as the doormat

        • bengalsmarvel

          At least JTG would have tv time for once!

  • True

    I hope The Shield vs Wyatts is in an Elimination Chamber. So there is more than 1 EC match not special if it’s a regular 6 man tag which is really common.

  • Bryan Thomas

    I think it’s time to stop believing that sandow will get a huge push

  • Moxley

    Awesome Smackdown

  • Jason

    Oh how i had this feeling that the Prime Time Players are splitting to go into indiviual singles careers.. hmm Cryme Tyme all over again smh

    • bengalsmarvel

      If its like Cryme Tyme then they are both doomed for nothing

  • kthanxyousuck

    If these are full where is the six man tag match?

    • Michael John Laurence Roche

      what six man tag? the only one i see is the Wyatt’s vs The Shield for EC? was there one advertised on Raw? (haven’t seen Raw yet)

      • kthanxyousuck

        “The Shield vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio is announced for later.”

        • Michael John Laurence Roche

          oh must have missed that, my bad, maybe it was announced for the live crowd as the dark match and the reporter mistook it for the tapings?

  • shorty

    I can see why Vickie Guerrero gets so much major heat and is booed by the fans and the WWE Universe so loudly it is because the WWE Universe is tired of Vickie Guerrero and they do not like nor they can stand her regardless she has the right to be in WWE but being she has been in WWE since 2005 to now 2014 maybe WWE has nothing more to Offer Vickie Guerrero they don’t use her as much on WWE TV so maybe it is Time for WWE to release Vickie Guerrero and say to Vickie Guerrero Best luck in your future endeavors pretty much The Authority Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon really run the show just a thought maybe this is a sign its time for Vickie Guerrero to go, there is nothing left for to do in WWE she has done everything and done very terribly at it wrestling she is not an experienced wrestler she is out of shape and over weight manager to wrestlers she did terrible at that too as the wrestlers she attempted to manage at time dumped her and general manager of both shows Raw and Smack Down did a terrible job and abused her power the only reason she is General Manager of Smack Down is because she stole that job from Booker T when he was Smack Down General Manager at the time just like she stole the job of Raw General Manager from AJ lee at the time what Vickie Guerrero needs to realize is that she cant take what she wants in the WWE as far as a job goes, but that she has to work hard and to earn a job just like everyone else in WWE it is not all about Vickie Guerrero the world does not revolve around her WWE is a company Vince Mc Mahon is her boss she works for WWE like everyone else that works for the company at WWE because it is a job.. I think it is time for Vickie Guerrero to go her time is up. There are other wrestling companies she can work at if she can choose to. I can see why the fans don’t like her. I am just voicing my opinions. I have no disrespect for Vickie Guerrero. if anything i feel sorry for her a little .

    • Bryan Thomas

      Only thing i’m curious about, is since there’s no split in the brands, what’s the point in two GMs? I don’t see brad maddox as a great gm for raw he doesn’t even get a crowd reaction. At least everyone booed the hell out of john “laryngitis” haha

    • Morogth Xavier

      Wow, spoken like a true 12 year old. First off, let me introduce you to a very good friend of mine – the full stop, or period. See how it turns up at the end of every sentence? That’s grammar, friend, and it’ll help you. As for Vickie? She’s a heel GM – YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE HER! The reason she’s GM is because right now the Authority storyline requires an ass kisser as SmackDown GM, and Booker T works well on commentary. Vickie is an irritating GM, to be sure, but that’s how she’s meant to portray her character. As far as her taking the job from AJ Lee, AJ hasn’t trained to wrestle for so long just to sit on the side and wear a suit – did you notice she’s been Divas’ Champion for a little while now? It seems to me that Guerrero has worked hard to earn a job, otherwise why would she still be in the WWE after 10 years? Think your argument through.

      • Raymond Reid

        why are you arguing with a 12 year old, unless of course your not an adult either.

      • gta4801 .

        They should bring up her daughter to nxt then she could go their to be her manager

  • James Humwood

    great move by wwe giving cesaro a singles push i know he wont win but i beat you we will get to see some giant swings in the match and im guessing he will feud with swagger probably as for the wyatt shield match… the wyatts will win to push bray for his match and to make rowan an harper the new top team and to tease more tension in the shield.. also im looking forward to seeing where titus goes from here but knowing wwe he will be underutilized still

  • Raihan Khan

    yes, shield vs wyatts wow

  • Raihan Khan

    christian going to chamber??? wow #onemorematch

  • Raihan Khan

    wwe tnx fo0r giving ceasaro and christian the chance but what abt lesnar? i thght he would go there but whatever

    • Bryan Thomas

      Maybe lesnar will challenge batista for his number 1 contendership

      • Raihan Khan

        i dont think so, wwe will ignore that, lesnar is heel and batista is face but people boo bastita as he is a heel, so it would be awkward

  • Bryan Thomas

    We might see the shield and the wyatts go at it the whole month of February

  • W Van Landingham III

    Actually sounds like a decent Smackdown for once. I like the idea of Titus turning, I think he’ll make a monster heel if he turns from a comedy act into something serious.

    I hope they’re not turning Swagger face however, without Zeb I’m not sure anyone really cares about him. Plus I love The Real Americans gimmick. If they break up the Prime Time players and the Rhodes bothers and The Real Americans, they are suddenly going from a good tag team division to a weak one. Does anyone over the age of 9 really want to see Los Matadores vs The Usos every week for 4 months?

  • Zac


  • dz

    I wish CM PUNK wouldn’t have QUIT at the end of this show.

    • bengalsmarvel

      He quit on monday morning

  • Conor Porter

    Should have done Bryan, Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Lesnar and Cesaro for Chamber match now Punk has gone.

  • Asad Butt

    Hey Cm Punk QUIT