Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 3/14

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the March 14, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

WWE SmackDown

* Michael Cole, JBL and Lilian Garcia are out first.

* SmackDown kicks off with Sheamus vs. Heath Slater with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal at ringside. Sheamus gets the win with a Brogue Kick in just over 5 minutes. 3MB tried to get involved but had no luck.

* Triple H comes out to big heel heat and no Stephanie McMahon. He announces that Daniel Bryan isn’t here and taunts the Bryan fans. Lots more boos when he says Bryan won’t be here tonight. Triple H says he’s not happy with the fans for what happened on RAW and says he’s taking away their happiness starting now. Triple H vows to destroy the Yes Movement at WrestleMania XXX. Triple H says Bryan has no chance just like the fans. Triple H says Bryan won’t earn a spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match and there won’t be a happy ending this year for Bryan fans. Triple H calls out Damien Sandow and isn’t happy with him for not getting in the ring against Bryan and the fans on RAW. Sandow begs for forgiveness.

* Sandow vs. Seth Rollins is up next. Rollins gets the quick win with his finisher. Sandow leaves the ring but Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns roll him back in for a triple powerbomb.

* Big E squashed Fandango in under 2 minutes.

* We get a recap of the segment with Paul Heyman and The Undertaker from RAW. Bad News Barrett comes out and says The Streak will die at WrestleMania, leading to kids crying and keeping their parents up all night. This will lead to parents losing their jobs.

* Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeat Jack Swagger and Cesaro. More tension between The Real Americans here. Goldust gets taken out and they double team Cody until The Usos make the save.

* Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt is up next. The Wyatt Family came out to the pop of the night. Good back and forth match with near falls at the end. Bray gets the win with an impressive Sister Abigail.

* Backstage segment with Kane and The Shield. He orders them to be at ringside for tonight’s main event but they say they don’t take orders from Kane. They’ll be out there any way because it’s what’s best for business.

* Nikki Bella vs. Tamina Snuka is up next. Brie Bella is at ringside and AJ Lee is on commentary. Nikki gets the quick win with her finisher.

* Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio in a lengthy back and forth match. After the match, Renee Young interviews Ziggler in the middle of the ring. Ziggler brags about beating Del Rio twice in a row and always stealing the show. Ziggler enters himself into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania. Ziggler says he’s been waiting for his WrestleMania moment and it will come when he wins the Andre trophy. The crowd was cheering for Ziggler big time.

* Carlos Colon is announced for the WWE Hall of Fame.

* The Wyatt Family cuts a promo on the match with John Cena at WrestleMania.

* Kane finds The Shield backstage and brings them to the ring with him.

* Lana and Alexander Rusev come out to the stage for another segment like the one on RAW.

* Kane vs. Big Show is next in the main event. The Shield are at ringside. Show gets the win with a chokeslam. After the match, Kane yells at The Shield for watching him lose. Kane grabs Rollins for a chokeslam but Reigns breaks it up with a big spear. The Shield stand together over Kane as SmackDown ends.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Looks like seth and roman are faces

    • Bryan Thomas

      Which means ambrose will ultimately cause the end of the shield

      • Jacob June

        It took you this long to realize that? Was it not evident months ago?

        • Bryan Thomas

          You never know. Maybe roman could’ve ditched them like batista did evolution

          • Jacob June

            Yeah, that is true. You never truly know with WWE anymore.

    • Ellsworth Allah

      no sandow is the face now

  • Jaime Villasana

    Is that the same Fandango the bet Jericho at last year wrestlemania?? jeez

  • Cody Cosmos

    What happened to Fandango & Sandow!?! Waste of a perfectly good gimmick and an awesome personality.

    • Bryan Thomas

      They might replace fandango with tyler breeze

      • Cody Cosmos

        They could bring 75% of the NXT roster up, They’re that talented!

    • MrOldSchool

      Neither one of those 2 is creatives “Flavor of the Month” !!!

  • taylor smith

    wait what? was it brie or nikki vs tamina?

    • RK-No.

      Nikki. typo…

      • George Hook

        Oh, disregard my message then … but still, congrats to AJ.

  • Jen7201

    Poor Sandow

  • Eliot Tirado

    Crappy show. Sheamus vs Slater? no Christian and no Daniel Bryan?

    • Matt Moore

      No Christian is a bad thing?

      • Rabib Chowdhury

        Yeah it is, WWE don’t have much veterans left that can peform like Christian.

      • Eliot Tirado

        Do you even need an answeer for that?

  • FearTheSpear

    so the Shield is face now? that’s going to be interesting

  • Dillon

    Why would they put ziggler in the battle royal? You know he is gonna lose. Wwe is awesome!

  • Bryan Thomas

    Did they actually put carlos colon in the hall of fame? Wow! Very considerate. Well deserved

  • Bryan Thomas

    And why are they buttering up dolph? And looks like smackdown is the shield show this week so i’m watching the whole thing this week

  • Carlos Arnaldo

    Are we going to get a Shield vs. Kane, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper match at Wrestlemania? I remember reading that the WWE didn’t want two high profile triple threat matches. I like the idea of keeping the Shield together as babyfaces. A Shield vs. Authority story line could work well.

  • Jesse Reid

    Looks good for this week actually. Maybe they’re listening and not doing Sheamus vs Christian? Only thing I’m not liking is that it looks like neither Cesaro or Swagger will win the IC at Mania.

  • http://twitter.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    I think you all need to look up Damien Sandow’s matches with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. It’s about time he go against the Shield on tv, but I don’t know why they would make him appear weak. Bro can hang with the Shield.

  • Liane

    What about the Dark match: Reigns & Rollins vs. Harper & Rowan? It won’t be aired?! Too bad! That match was awesome! Reigns speared Harper for the win and crowd popped big for his spear. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BigzSfOIIAATT2x.jpg

  • stew

    Nikki picking up another win using her finishing move.
    She looks stronger then before and the finishing move is being aired a lot more now. She just needs to keep working on her technical skills and she could become divas champ. Not at wrestlemania though, that would be too soon.

    • Jdgjordan

      O no in WWE mind that will be the perfect time to make Nikki champ why because total divas season 2 airs and they think it will make more buy rates to have a star of that show be divas champ.

  • Kristen Green

    I can not believe that Kane tried to chokeslam Seth Rollins all because the Shield refuses to help him. I am so glad that Roman Reigns speared him. I just wish the Kane had gotten Superman Punch instead. I love that move.

  • Ellsworth Allah

    guess i was wrong the ending wasn’t there two swerves guess de shield r good guys now lol

  • Glen903

    Daniel Bryan is in every match at WM wins all is champion comes out and stands in ring on raw for 3 hrs chanting yes.No more Raw or Smackdown just DB chanting.Yes.WWE will become the db show.

  • George Hook

    Hold on … who’s “Nikki” who gets the quick win with her finisher. Isn’t the match between Brie Bella vs Tamina Snuka? Gee, hope Snuka won. Anyway, congratulations to AJ for retaining the belt last night. I thought they were going to punish her for being involved with CM Punk, but the Shining Wizard answered that doubt.

  • Han


  • Al Wade

    christian needs to go away period,retire as always defeated.,shield is good roman raines has a great career ahead,the other two who knows but roman will go on to bigger and better things,caine needs to get his suit and stay there never to think of the big red monster again,hopefully his brother wont get any ideas to bury him also