Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 3/21

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the March 21, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Match

* Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods

WWE SmackDown

* JBL and Michael Cole came out first.

* Set for tonight, The Shield vs. Real Americans vs. 3MB vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel in a four-way #1 contender match to the Tag Titles. Plus John Cena vs. Luke Harper.

* Kane comes to the ring and talks about what Triple H did to Daniel Bryan on RAW. Kane calls it best for business. This led to a full-length video review of Triple H giving it to Bryan. Back live, Kane talked like Chris Jericho about Bryan having it coming to him. He angrily said this was long overdue, then yelled at the audience for causing this to happen.

Kane then produced a letter from Triple H on WWE Letterhead. Pause for a “You Sold Out” chant. The letter was about needing to show respect for authority. No interruption and Kane left the ring.

* Fernando (w/Diego and El Torito) beat Fandango (w/Summer Rae) at 4:56. Fernando and Fandango had a crowd-engaging dance battle in the opening minute. Then, El Torito noticed Summer was wearing red and chased her around the ring to laughs. This allowed Fernando to roll up a distracted Fandango for the win.

* On the video screen, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper delivered a message to John Cena for tonight.

* Teams were introduced for the four-team tag match. The Shield came through the crowd with their usual pop. They didn’t babyface up their entrance and stuck to their routine. 3MB, then Ryback & Axel, then Real Americans were introduced as the other three teams.

* The match ended in a no contest. All of the heels confronted The Shield, setting up a Reigns and Cesaro confrontation. Ambrose was then isolated by the heel teams, which was an odd sight. Included was the return of “Goldberg” chants aimed at Ryback. Ambrose crawling across the ring for a hot tag was also very strange. Rollins showed off some crowd-pleasing moves, then the crowd popped for Reigns delivering a spear on the outside. Suddenly, Kane ran down and attacked Reigns. Chaos then broke out in the ring, so ref Charles Robinson threw out the #1 contender match to the Tag Titles.

Post-match, the brawl continued. Reigns and Kane moved to the stage, where the New Age Outlaws emerged and helped Kane take down Reigns. Meanwhile, the heel teams in the tag match beat down Rollins and Ambrose. Kane and the Outlaws then beat down the entire group and stood tall over The Shield in the ring. Big boos for this. Good heat. Shield as faces is still weird, but Kane and the Outlaws played their part well. Shield eventually recovered and got strong crowd cheers as they regrouped and vowed to fight back.

* Miz TV is up next.

* They recap Kane and Outlaws taking out The Shield.

* Miz was standing by in the ring. He noted it’s been a while, then announced he is in the Andre Battle Royal. Some boos. Miz then welcomed out his guest, the favorite to win, Big Show. Miz and Show shared a ShowMiz moment, then Show humbly accepted the audience’s adulation.

Miz jabbed Show about losing at WM, then welcomed out a bunch of fellow competitors who will give Show a run – Titus, Kofi, Del Rio, Big E., Cody, Goldust, Henry, and Sheamus, who wanted to fight. Miz calmed them all down and tried to get everyone organized for an impromptu battle royal. Final Four were Sheamus, Show, Kofi, and Titus. It came down to Show and Sheamus, which popped the crowd. Miz tried to eliminate Show, but Show eliminated both Sheamus and Miz to “win” the Impromptu Battle Royal.

* Backstage: Santino was blushing about Emma while getting his face worked on at the make-up chair. Emma eavesdropped and blushed at Santino’s glowing review of her appearance. Emma then snuck up behind Santino, scaring him out of his chair for a comedy bit.

* Alberto Del Rio defeated IC Champion Big E. at 3:08 in a non-title match.

* Next up was a Total Divas vs. non-Total Divas tag match posturing as focus on the Divas division.

Before the match, WWE re-announced Mr. T for the Hall of Fame.

* Bella Twins beat Natalya & Summer Rae at 3:00. As soon as the bell sounded, a “C-M Punk” chant randomly broke out. Nikki tried to get the crowd into the match. Brie then picked up the win for her team.

* Main Event highlight: The Undertaker vowed to slay Brock Lesnar. And he will be on Raw this Monday to deliver the message. Lesnar is also advertised.

* Backstage segment: Heel teams from the tag match were assembled to hear their award for helping out with Shield earlier. Ryback & Axel got Tag Title shots, Real Americans got Tag Title shots, and 3MB got entered in the Andre battle royal. The Outlaws then hugged with Kane as The Authority’s new enforcers.

* On-stage, Lana told Houston that there is a problem because the reign of the super athlete Rusev is near. Rusev posed on his Olympic podium, then spoke in his native language.

* John Cena’s music played and the kids went nuts for their hero. The Wyatts interrupted. “Houston, we’re here,” Bray declared. The Eminem video then played to hype Cena vs. Bray at Mania as the Wyatts came to the ring.

* John Cena beat Luke Harper at 5:28. The crowd was buzzing once the bell sounded. Almost immediately the ritualistic “Let’s Go Cena / Cena Sucks” chants started. Cena delivered an early Shuffle, but Erick Rowan walked around the ring, distracting Cena and allowing Harper to take control. But Cena came back with an AA out of nowhere for the pin before Bray could run out of his rocking chair to break it up. Cena then high-tailed it to the stage to stand tall as the Wyatts sat angrily in the ring. This appeared to be the end of Smackdown.

Dark Main Event Segment

* Cena took the mic and said the Wyatts’s theme reminds him of another someone. Rest In Peace. The bell tolled and Undertaker’s music played. This time, Undertaker came through the entrance for the full effect. He was dressed to wrestle to get in a warm-up action before Mania. Cena looked toward Undertaker, who led them into the ring. But Bray bailed, so Cena and Undertaker hit the AA and Chokeslam to clear the henchmen. Undertaker’s music played and he circled the ring with Cena. Cena then nodded to Undertaker and gave the ring to Undertaker in his hometown for a final pose. Undertaker looks much more menacing and ready for Mania than when he returned. Undertaker then made his way to the top of the ramp and posed to close the TV taping. He hobbled the last remaining feet before disappearing to the back.

* No Daniel Bryan tonight selling the Raw injury angle.

* Lilian Garcia announced a return date of July 28 for Raw TV. Pre-sale is HOUSTON.

(Partial source: PWTorch.com)


    ….Del Rio beat the IC Champ in 3:08?! And the #1 contenders aftermath seems entertaining, Im assuming its the Shield vs. Kane & NAO at WM. Shield as faces isnt that weird to me, idk why you have such an issue with it. Theyve been on a face turn since RR. They dont take BS from anyone and dont care what people think, kinda like Austin or Orton in 2010.

    • sourguy


    • abc123

      Great analysis!

    • bengalsmarvel

      I agree completely with this analysis. I have been predicting the last two weeks that the Shield would fight Kane and two others at mania but i thought his partners would be Rowan and Harper not the Outlaws so I was wrong on that one either way i knew Kane would be on Mania somehow

  • Jason

    isnt the Outlaws still Contenders? They never got their rematch…

  • Ellsworth Allah

    this is how i want the outlaws to b used

    • bengalsmarvel

      Agreed i don’t mind if they are on the roster but they shouldn’t be champs

  • Ellsworth Allah

    kane is an extension of the authority fuck the shield for disrespecting hhh in effect

  • abc123

    I do not know if you can read this..but…HEY THE SHIELD!! I EFFIN LOVE YOU
    AND WANN HUG THE ALL 3 OF YOU!!! And please don’t split up..not so
    soon! I LOVE YOU! I literally cried when Rollins<3 walked out on
    Dean<3 and Roman<3 as I felt too bad for all 3 of you!! I watched
    it over and over again and cried each time! But then later that week on
    Smackdown,, it was hella partyeh!!! Please be each other's glue and
    stick together as a team.. My cat too wants that, even if she says
    otherwise, she doesn't mean it! I LOVE YOU THE SHIELD TO DEATH!<3Xx

    The Shield part here was everything that is Awesome! The Shield for Life, Forever and Always!Xx

  • Attitudeerajunkie

    Why in the hell is 3mb in a number 1 contenders match?

    • bengalsmarvel

      Because they have been killing off teams and not replacing them with new teams is my guess

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    I hate that the wwe wants to break up the shield so bad that Rybaxel gets a WM match

    • bengalsmarvel

      I think Curtis Axel is a great wrestler i don’t understand why everyone hates him so much but i’m just weird i guess

      • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

        I agree that Axel is good wrestler but he is also a black hole of charisma.

        • bengalsmarvel

          True he needs some work on that he does have intensity though and i have noticed a lot of modern wrestlers don’t have great charisma like a lot of attitude guys did. Hopefully he will work on that

          • bengalsmarvel

            Axel actually kind of reminds me of a bigger Dean Malenko he has all the in ring skills but not much in the mic skills/charisma dept.

          • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

            No. He is simply not on that level.

          • bengalsmarvel

            I think you’re jumping the gun a little he is still pretty young and if you don’t like someone you probably never will but everyone is entitled to their opinion

    • bengalsmarvel

      Also i don’t believe their title match is at mania because Ryback and Axel have already been added to the battle royal and i believe Cesaro entered it too. I do hope that there is a tag title match at Mania because apparently no other titles matter enough to be defended at the show of shows besides the WWE world heavyweight title

  • bengalsmarvel

    Also i read on another report that Sandow wrestles Ziggler which could be match of the night if given time. Not sure why this report didn’t have that match

  • Akash Skyler

    i think wwe is planing shield vs kane and the new age outlaws for the wrestlemania xxx. hope the shield will not be shattered.

  • Cody Cosmos

    It’s kinda funny how Summer Rae used to be the package deal for Fandango. Now, she’s far more off then he is. I get kinda tired of how they build young superstars up with, video packages, teasers, promos, etc. Fandango, Tensai, Damien Sandow, Curtis Axel, Ryback, heck even Wade Barrett to a extent. How long intill Alexander Rusev is figured out to have nigh personality. Will he become the next Tensai. Ugh, I guess i’m just spewing hot air. I just want more for most of these guys.

    • Bryan Thomas

      For awhile we all thought vladimir khosloff was going to be big. Nope. We all thought umaga was gonna be big. Nope. They’ll build rusev up for a while, then he’ll get fed to either cena or roman. First they’l feed ambrose to rusev or cesaro and then feed rusev to roman

  • cj

    Everytime I watch Shield vs Wyatt Family from Elimination Chamber and the rematch they had on Raw, I realize how awesome that match would have been at WM. even though the Wyatts won 2 out of 2, there’s still unfinished business between the two teams. Now it’s Wyatts/Cena and Shield/Kane which aren’t bad but WWE missed a big one here

  • Shorty

    I love Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins
    hope they get even and get their revenge on Kane New Age outlaws real American’s Ryback Curtis Axel and the Real Americans when I saw the seven on three attack seven of them attacking the three of them Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins I was crying was crying for them cause they did not deserved to get attacked like that by seven other superstars