Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 3/7

Published On 03/04/2014 | By PWMania.com Staff | News, Results

World Wrestling Entertainment taped the March 7, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

WWE SmackDown

* Batista kicks off SmackDown with a promo until Daniel Bryan interrupts him. Kane ends up coming out and beating Bryan down. Big Show makes the save. Vickie Guerrero comes out and makes tonight’s main event – Kane and Batista vs. Show and Bryan.

* Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler with Alberto Del Rio on commentary is next. Christian gets the win after Del Rio distracted Ziggler from the announce table.

* The Usos defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback.

* Eva Marie and Natalya defeated AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka when Natalya made AJ tap out with a Sharpshooter.

* The Shield come out and cut a promo about how they need to be The Shield again like before. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose end up hitting each other before they reunite.

* Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio with a Brogue Kick.

* Big E defeated Jack Swagger. There was more tension between Swagger and Cesaro.

* Another promo from Lana and Alexander Rusev.

* Batista and Kane vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan is next. Show and Bryan cut a promo before the match and pick on their opponents. They’ve named their team, “Respect The Beard, Fear The Giant.” Bryan and Show get the win when Show hits a knockout punch on Kane and Bryan rolls him up. SmackDown ends with Bryan leading a “Yes!” chant while sitting on Show’s shoulders.

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    Why Peenatalya

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  • Bryan Thomas

    Well smackdown isn’t worth watching. Except for the shield segment

    • Colton

      Totally agree with you. I really hope the Shield doesn’t spilt yet they are better group than the Wyatt family.

    • bengalsmarvel

      Yep might as well just stop watching completely i guess. I mean that seems to be what all the internet haters want to do despite the fact that none of them do it. Sorry but if you hate something so much why pay so much attention to it? Just saying

      • Bryan Thomas

        Well sometimes some wwe show just isn’t worth watching… just like alot of nba games isn’t worth watching. For example: The Utah Jazz

        • Jesse Reid

          Word. Went to the Nola Pelicans game the other night to watch the Clippers play. My point is, the Pelicans suck lol.

        • bengalsmarvel

          I don’t know if you’re trying to insult me because im from Utah with the whole Jazz thing but i am not a Jazz fan so good try. I personally think that everyone is entitled to their opinion it just gets tiring seeing people constantly complaining about WWE all the time yet they take the time to at least follow it on the internet while most still watch and then complain. All i’m saying is if i don’t like something i generally don’t make time to keep tabs on it or even pay attention to it at all in most cases. I am not trying to make enemies i just think its weird how so many people pay attention to things they supposedly don’t like is all.

          • Bryan Thomas

            If it’s so tiring seeing people hate then why pay attention to it? And you’re contradicting yourself. You say that if you don’t like something that you don’t make time to keep tabs on it,…..yet you’re keeping tabs on internet haters. You’re also complaining about internet haters so that’s supposedly paying attention to things you don’t like. I think that’s weird per se. If people are going to hate, let them hate. I hate on the fact that mayweather hasn’t fought pacquiao, i hate on the the fact that the dallas cowboys don’t find a new quarterback, i even hate on my ass kissing co-workers, but the thing is we all have a choice to be people of our words. If i say i’m going to do something, then i stick to it.

        • Y.C.C.L

          Lol damn

      • Jesse Reid

        I’ve actually quit watching it. Did so when Batista won the rumble and all I’ve done is check out results sometimes here. If only more were like me and did quit, the WWE would take notice and change shit.

    • Y.C.C.L


      Thank god there is YouTube

  • Shorty

    thank god Vickie Guerrero gets very little air time every week she is on TV for the brief time that she is she looks more fatter and fatter then ever what happened to Vickie Guerrero who lost 52 pounds in 2010 and used to do bikini photo shoots well that don’t happen any more since Vickie Guerrero does not have her personal trainer former boyfriend who left her for another and prettier women I can see why no body would want to date Vickie Guerrero

    • Latoya

      Wow. Anything else?

    • Jesse Reid

      Lol. Hatred.

    • Bryan Thomas


    • Ellsworth Allah


  • Shorty

    I am sorry but Vickie Guerrero really did let her self go but then never judge a book by a cover sorry for comments just have a right to my opinion should have expressed my opinion nicer

  • Shorty

    hope the shield makes up I like watching them on TV every week
    especially Roman Reigns he is a hot sexy hunk of man

  • Shorty

    hope the authority stops being hard on Daniel Bryan from what I can here from the WWE fans the WWE fans love Daniel Bryan they cheer loudly for him every week and I hate to say WWE fans boo the Authority Loudly every week too

  • Cody Cosmos

    Sounds alright, nothing special, maybe the tag match & Christian vs. Ziggler are worth a watch, Just for the matches.

  • Latoya

    Not crazy about the Ziggler-Christian match and this Sheamus-Christian feud is boring. I get they are trying to have him go out with a bang, but this seriously better not make it to WM. Probably will just check out the Shield, Cesaro and Show.

  • dinnydevil

    Easy to see the effects of the titles being unified already. Bunch of ex-world champions all in nothing feuds because they’re not in the title picture, Big Show’s doing nothing, Henry being fed to Lesnar again on Raw and plenty of other wrestlers who don’t seem likely to get any sort of push anytime soon.

    …and yet out of all of this, the WWE still can’t do anything interesting with the US or IC titles?

    • Niall Owen

      Agree, all the talent such as Titus, Ziggler, Sandow, Del Rio etc. Should be challenging against ambrose and Big E

    • Bryan Thomas

      I have to agree. Sheamus is actually lost in the shuffle right now, which is surprising. I think that they might split the belts up again. If they haven’t made one title for tge wwe whc, then chances are l, they split them up again. He only reason the whole one title thing worked in the attitude era was because everyone had not-so-long title reigns. But before that, wrestlers was hanging on to for a year, pretty much why guys like lex and british bulldog never had reigns

  • Otherside Jackass

    This looks awful…Same old shit….And why Does the fucking Total Divas keep winning…!!

  • SableBomb

    Why do the Total Divas keep winning?

    • Y.C.C.L

      Just for ratings. AJ Lee is once again boring. They are just not caring anymore

  • Y.C.C.L

    And.. AJ Lee is the female Dean Ambrose. Thinks is the best, doesn’t defend the championship, and is really a fucking jobber.

  • Ellsworth Allah

    haven’t liked batista since 2007 now im behind him

  • Shorty

    I am sorry but there is only one Dean Ambrose there is only one version of Dean Ambrose and that is the man himself Dean Ambrose AJ Lee is sure as hell not the female version of Dean Ambrose who ever made that comment is stupid Dean Ambrose is one of a kind because there is just one Dean Ambrose who ever made that comment don’t ever compare Dean Ambrose to a wacko like AJ LEE don’t piss Dean Ambrose off

  • Shorty

    AJ LEE and Vickie Guerrero are butt ugly please someone put some paper bags over their heads