Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 5/9

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WWE taped the May 9 WWE SmackDown episode from the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York. Here are WWE SmackDown spoilers.

Dark Matches

– The dark match before the WWE Main Event tapings in Buffalo, NY saw Xavier Woods defeat Damien Sandow after a kick to the head.

– The dark match after the Main Event and before the SmackDown tapings saw Alberto Del Rio defeat R-Truth.

WWE SmackDown

* SmackDown kicks off with a look at The Shield and The Wyatt Family from RAW.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus for the WWE United States Title is up first. Sheamus gets the win clean with a Brogue Kick. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were not at ringside. This was a good match with the crowd behind Ambrose. Ambrose did a dive out of the ring at one point and barely made it in before the 10 count.

* Cesaro and Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam and Big E is next. Paul Heyman is on commentary. Barrett runs down climate change on way to the ring and says like Big E, when the storms hit, he will be forgotten. Crowd is behind RVD and there are some Barrett chants. Cesaro pins Big E after hitting his finisher. Before that, RVD accidentally kicked Big E in the head. The match lasted less than 5 minutes.

* We get a Daniel Bryan vs. Kane recap from Extreme Rules.

* Lana comes out and says America should change and follow Vladimir Putin. Rusev squashes Kofi Kingston. Kofi got in little offense. A loud USA chant broke out during the match.

* The Wyatt Family appears on the big screen. Bray Wyatt rambles about John Cena.

* A Bo Dallas vignette airs.

* Fandango and Layla defeated Santino Marella and Emma when Layla rolled up Emma.

* Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry is next. Reigns lifted Henry over his shoulders to show his strength and then dropped him into a Samoan Drop. Reigns hit a spear for the win.

* Loss Matadores come out with El Torito to a big pop. They’re going to face Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Hornswoggle. Torito pins Slater for the clean win.

* Seth Rollins vs. Batista is next. Crowd chants “you can’t wrestle” at Batista. Rollins tried a baseball slide, but Batista scouted it and got some offense in. Batista with a few more power moves including throwing Rollins into the steps and then back into the ring. Batista hits huge suplex and is being methodical. CM Punk chants start. Rollins turns the tables and gets going. Rollins runs into spinebuster. Rollins counters Batista Bomb and Batista rolls to the outside. Rollins launches over the top rope and lands it. The second time he comes from the top rope, Batista sees it coming and sidesteps it. Rollins hits the table. Batista rolls in ring, wins by count out.

* After the match, Batista hits a Batista Bomb on Rollins as fans boo. Rollins sells an injury.

* The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos and John Cena is next. The crowd was more pro-Cena than not. There was also a loud Usos chant. The match ends when a big brawl breaks out on the floor. One of the Usos gets hit with the lariat by Luke Harper for the clean win. Cena cuts a promo against The Wyatts after the match. He says Bray is afraid and didn’t get the pinfall, he got his goons to get the win for him. SmackDown ends.

* Post show, Cena took the mic challenged The Wyatt’s to continue the three-on-three match. The Wyatt’s attacked the ring with Cena and Usos hitting their moves to send the crowd home happy.

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  • Bryan Thomas

    Any body who watches the shield’s matches would already know this about Roman Reigns. The guy is not good. Look

    Roman gets tagged in, clothesline the guy who coming at him, then knocks other guy of apron, goes back to first guy for irish whip, guy reverses it, reigns ducks a clothesline and comes back for a flying clothesline, other comes in and gets a flying clotheline as well, first guy ends up in corner, roman runs and splashes into them in corner, then punches the guy who then fall to the bottome rope, roman ends up out sid the ring, runs around for the dropkick on the apron, roars, gets in the ring and gets his momentum stopped by one of the opponents.

    Am i not right? Same fucking shit!

    • Tony Dee

      It’s not Reigns’ fault he’s being booked so predictably. I keep saying this, it’s that powerhouse gimmick. It’s holding him back. But I disagree on him not being good. He’s got all the intangibles to be a future star and has lots of potential. He just needs to be developed properly. Which he isn’t currently.

      • Bryan Thomas

        Everyone was saying the same about ryback. Even big e. But character development aside. What i’m talking about now his in ring. He only comes in at the end of the match and does the same shit. He’s with 2 guys that were internationally known in the indies. He’s had well over a year to soak in there knowledge. If he hasn’t developed yet. Then maybe it’s because he lacks something. You can put a curtis axel with a HHH. But that doesn’t mean curtic axel will become great just because he’s around greatness. Get my drift? But despite what i say. Wwe still has eyes on reigns

        • Tony Dee

          Ryback and Big E are sloppy in the ring and susceptible to hurting other wrestlers. Reigns executes near flawlessly. This aside, Reigns has the capability to perform technical moves, he did in NXT, but they’re not booking him that way now because of the gimmick. Over there I saw him do suplexes, reversals, rest holds, take downs, etc. A match he had with Leo Kruger featured all of this. It’s frustrating but I don’t doubt his ability. I don’t trust Creative.

          • Bryan Thomas

            There’s more to technical wrestling than that. And trust me, his holds were nothing more than simplistic. You forget sequencing….. but anyway. There’s no excuse. He’s had singles matches with orton, bryan and punk. All of them lackluster. IMO. You can talk about reversals that he was doing back than. But now all he does instead of staying on a downed opponent is roaring. There’s no excuse for that but the fact that he’s green as fuck and should’ve at least stayrd down in nxt a little longer

          • Tony Dee

            That’s my exact point. If WWE had continued to let him progress technically, while still in developmental, Reigns would be further along right now. But as soon as he started to put on the muscle, they made him a power guy. That’s on Creative and in the booking. Like I said, I don’t doubt Reigns’ ability and capacity to learn but unless he’s allowed to show what he can do, it’s pretty much all at stalemate. I don’t like it, either. But we see this situation differently. I’ll agree to disagree.

          • Bryan Thomas

            You have my respect with that last line haha.

    • Joey Slater

      I personally enjoy what Reigns gets to do. WWE have an extremely marketable guy in Reigns, who is for the time being getting to be what he’s meant to be, and that’s the ‘powerhouse’ in the shield.
      No doubt, Reigns isn’t ready to break out on his own, so keeping him with arguably the best promo (Not including Heyman) in Ambrose, and arguably the most exciting wrestler in the WWE right now in Rollins is a great move on their behalf. It stops the ‘casual’ fans from realizing that Reigns isn’t all that great, while giving him as much time as he needs to improve his abilities so when he’s ready, they can break up the shield and automatically have three main event guys for at least the next 8+ years.
      It’s all well and good to bitch about Reigns because Ambrose & Rollins are indy guys and you don’t want to see them ‘held down’ so WWE can push Reigns, because the fact is you hate Reigns because he has something that Ambrose & Rollins don’t, the genetics, he has the look that the majority of a TV crowd will get behind, and that is exactly what WWE have and will more than likely always look for in a guy they want to make a star. They did it with Hogan, they did it with Cena. (They almost did it with Ryback for christ sake, and reigns is ten times better than him) and they will do it with Reigns.

      • Bryan Thomas

        I don’t hate reigns at all. I hate the hype. I already see where this is going. People are buying into the hype just like they did with cena. And no matter what happens, when roman breaks away from the shield. The fans will eventually turn on him. Once they realize that he’s not what he’s cracked up to be. Because even you see it and you can deny it. Roman will never be able to perform on a level past cena. He maybe better coordinated than cena in the ring. But he’ll be another 5 move guy. He has ni technical bone in his body and it takes time to learn that stuff. Important stuff that he seems to have bypassed. But my opinion is just my opinion. You can feel however you want about the guy. Hell if people feel like he still needs development then why come they didn’t keep his ass in nxt to let him grow better?

        • Joey Slater

          In all honesty the comparison with Cena is very accurate, because in time yes, the male fan base of WWE might turn on Reigns depending on how the WWE book him, and much like Cena people will say he’s a bad wrestler and he only has “5 Moves” – but the fact is Cena is one of the most underrated in ring performers in WWE because so many people act like he is so bad, when he’s not.
          Reigns got to show a lot more in NXT than he has been allowed since he came to the main roster, if you’ve seen his NXT stuff and still think he’s only got a low amount of moves than obviously nobody will convince you different, but Reigns was the only real choice in NXT they could’ve picked as the muscle of the group, because as green as he was, he was the most ready in late 2012.
          Time and booking will only tell what path Reigns will follow, whether he ends up like Cena, maybe he’ll end up like Orton, and he never does reach the full potential he has, but personally I think he’ll end up being the guy who as a face, will be the face of the company, but unlike Cena, they’ll still have the option of a heel turn at any time when they’ve got so many people around him who could be major babyfaces.

          • Bryan Thomas

            I just don’t see it bro. I think they’ll turn him into another kid friendly wrestler. Which was only cool when hogan did it. My concern is ambrose. I feel like wyatt’s feud with cena is really doing nothing for him since he.can’t get a clean victory by himself and cena no sells wyatt’s promo with goofy jokes. I think ambrose should be the next top heel but i fear that they will completely drop the ball with the guy. But every since cena kicked out of the sister abigail at mania, i’m just no longer on. The bray wyatt band wagon. There’s just no win in a feud against cena. We learned that with the miz

          • Joey Slater

            I think Dean will be fine, he’s by far the best promo in WWE at this moment, no other wrestler in the company is on his level right now.
            Never really liked Wyatt, his original debut with Kane just made me not care for him at all, I don’t like his promos either, I get bored very quickly by them, and for him being a ‘creepy’ character as we’ve been told by the commentators every week, it just doesn’t work that well, with this gimmick he really needs to go all out which he can’t do, if there’s one guy who would really benefit from WWE not being PG it’d be him

        • Alia Khorami

          Reigns is a charisma machine and charisma is something you can’t learn or teach. He naturally has tons of charisma and wwe tries to take advantages out of it. Don’t forget wwe is all about marketing and advertising and Reigns has a very marketable face. And apart from his looks, he can actually wrestle better than many other wrestlers on the main roster. You should try to consider it through the wwe prospects.

          • Bryan Thomas

            I’m not just a wwe fan. I’m a wrestling fan. Meaning i watch everything from wwe, tna roh, njpw, noah, czw and everything in between. I could also add that i trained at the funks gym in amarillo and i did some work in ovw and czw. But who cares. I really don’t prefer talking to people who only watches one source of wrestling. No disrespect. Maybe you should consider watching wrestling outside of wwe where guys can get real creative and do alot of innovative things in the ring. Maybe you’ll learn to appreciate this martial art in it’s rawest form and you won’t be easily impressed anymore. Like i said. I don’t hate reigns. I just hate the hype and the fact that people are falling for it. Yet, i have to draw the line where any pure “WRESTLING” fan would. Guys like roman and cena no matter how high of a latter they climb in wwe, can’t even sniff guys like scott steiner, kurt angle, or even dean malenko’s jock strap. Wrestling has gone to shit and so has it’s fans. Don’t just watch wwe. Watch it all if you’re really a wrestling fan.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            how was the funks gym?

          • Bryan Thomas

            Best way to put it, it had a great vibe to it.

          • James Tebrucio Luna

            would you recommend it? been thinking when my time with AAPW is over that I would take another year to learn from another school like The Funks, Shawn Michael or Booker T… but I got time to think it over with this shoulder injury lol

          • Bryan Thomas

            I don’t know too much about booker’s but i highly recommend Funk’s or Shawn’s

      • Alia Khorami

        Joey Slater You are absolutely right

    • Max Million

      Dude about time everybody realizes this it will already be to late.

      • Bryan Thomas

        Yes i know that. That’s why i’m glad i’m not one of them.

    • Alia Khorami

      Reigns is very good actually. Rollins and Ambrose fans should stop trying to bring him down at every provided opportunity just because wwe seems to has higher hopes in Reigns! It’s really not cool. Reigns doing surprisingly good for a wrestler with less than 4 years of experience.. If you want someone to blame and critisize for the way each member of the Shield has been booked it’s the wwe creatives not Roman Reigns.

      • Bryan Thomas

        I’ve said all that i have to say. I’m done with it.

    • Necro

      If you watched any of NXT back then you know that your first statement is about as inaccurate as saying Hulk Hogan doesn’t mess up promos.

      • Bryan Thomas

        I seen what he was doing in nxt and he was just like rusev. Alot of athleticism, but if you seen one of match, you’ve seen em all. I don’t know who’s to blame, quite frankly i don’t care who’s to blame. But from what i’ve seen in these last 18 months, even with single matches against orton, bryan, and punk. I’m bored with the guy. Look it’s already understood that me and you never agree. Which i don’t care who agrees with me or not. I stand by my opinion. So you can thumbs down all my post all you want, like that’s gonna do something. I will always have my own opinion, because i’m the type of guy who doesn’t sing along with “he’s got the whole world in his hands” just because i see everybody else doing it. I’m the type that incites unconventional chants.

  • Bryan Thomas

    And longest u.s. reign or not, i FUCKING hate how they use Ambrose.

    • Necro

      You mean the Shield? You hate the Shield?

      • James Tebrucio Luna

        not what he meant…

      • Bryan Thomas

        Are you serious? Use your interpretation skills buddy. Lol

        • Necro

          There’s no other way to use him man :S he’s with the Shield…..he should have lost the belt months ago.

          • Bryan Thomas

            It’s not about him losing his belt. I don’t mind him losing his belt. Just forget it bro.

  • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

    Seriously? No Paige this week?

    • FlawlessRKO

      She’s on Superstars though. It probably has something to do with AJ’s return on the UK episode of Raw.

      • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

        I know but Superstars isn’t really a main show.

        • Josh Hall

          exactly, shes hot. people will follow her. to try make the show popular, fucking politics

          • https://twitter.com/notpeanutbutter Jam

            You got that right

  • Adam Gibson

    Fandango and Layla vs Santino and Emma, again. they could just keep printing that “match result” on here every week and I wouldn’t know the difference. As soon as Santino’s music starts I hit fast forward on my DVR

  • Bryan Thomas

    Hey i respect everyone’s opinion. Therefore you never see me replying to something someone else posted, disagreeing with them or insulting them. Because i know the difference between opinion and fact. I cherish having a mind of my own and not liking everything these wwe fucktards shoves down our throats

  • ksedude

    “Cena cuts a promo against The Wyatts after the match. He says Bray is
    afraid and didn’t get the pinfall, he got his goons to get the win for

    So if one of the Usos had got the win, would it then mean that Cena was afraid? He didn’t even make a good point.

  • Cody Cosmos

    And another Fandango & Santino match-up. seriously they had NOTHING better for that section. Dolph Ziggler?… Maybe? And kinda don’t like the idea of creative continuing the Wyatt & Cena feud. Cena always prevails in these situations

  • W Van Landingham III

    Xavier Woods defeats Damien Sandow

    Seriously. Did Sandow get drunk and hit on Steph or something? What went wrong?

    • WesDoobner

      Damien Sandow is now the # 1 heel jobber in WWE, replacing Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal.

  • Simon Corbett

    It looks like the WWE is heading in the same direction with a “triple” main event at Payback. Let’s face it, Kane is never going to win the championship so soon from Daniel Bryan, The Shield can destroy Evolution again and Bray Wyatt will end up beating John Cena again.

    I have to disagree with the fans who are chanting “Batista can’t wrestle” – Batista can wrestle, he is a monster and superb athlete. He is just being booked in the wrong segments, Batista should never have came back and won the Royal Rumble, he should have had a match at Wrestlemania with an up and coming star to bring the best out on both of these guys, e.g. Rollins, Ambrose, Rusev etc.

    RVD loses another match? Is there any point in him coming back – we were all excited to see him first time around at MITB last year but I have completely gone off him due to the fact the way the WWE is booking his character.
    P.S Adam Rose will be a bigger flop than Fandango!

    • WesDoobner

      WWE has been screwing RVD since 2006 when they made him lose the WWE championship belt after he held the title for a mere 3 weeks.

  • Bryan Thomas

    Pwmania should thank me hahahaha. I always get the comment section jumping lmao.

  • WesDoobner

    I’m so glad Sheamus beat Dean Ambrose again. It’s about damn time that WWE gives Sheamus another championship belt. I hate the Shield. I hope they turn Ambrose into a jobber and a jabronie, like Damien Sandow, Heath Slater, and Zack Ryder. #FuckTheShield

  • Jt Segur

    Wow great read….. wyattt rambles….ok…about what? Smh…

  • cj

    This Fandango/Santino thing has went & is going nowhere. The more they gave that match we’re trying to figure out why ? Only thing we know is that Summer Rae is no longer with Fandango and Layla is his new partner. And Summer Rae is away filming Marine 4 so they can’t even do that storyline.

  • Ellsworth Allah

    RVD #oneofakind