Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 9/6

WWE taped this week’s WWE SmackDown episode from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers and results.

WWE SmackDown Spoilers

* Triple H kicks off this week’s SmackDown and is holding a town hall meeting for everyone to air their grievances. The locker room is out watching from the stage. Triple H, Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are in the ring. Triple H talks first about how he fired Cody Rhodes on RAW and what’s best for business.

The Shield are also out, standing guard at the ring. Triple H wants nobody to be afraid for their jobs. He lets anyone step up and ask a question but nobody does. He says no butt kissing. Damien Sandow speaks up and says he supports Triple H firing Cody Rhodes. Triple H says Cody fired Cody. Kofi Kingston speaks up and says everyone is afraid and that’s not best for business. Triple H talks about how the wrestlers’ egos are out of control and says that’s why Daniel Bryan isn’t out here. Heath Slater speaks up but Triple H cracks jokes at him. Rob Van Dam says Cody getting fired wasn’t cool and calls Triple H “dude.” Ryback speaks up and doesn’t like being called a bully. Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel and RVD vs. Randy Orton is announced for tonight. Also, Bryan gets to pick The Shield member that he wants to face tonight. Triple H gives Randy Orton a grand introduction.

* Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam is up first. Alberto Del Rio is out for commentary. Another good, lengthy match. Orton dodged a Five Star frogsplash. Orton got the win with a RKO. During the match, Del Rio interfered and it was said he appeared to have injured his arm. After the match, Del Rio beat RVD down and left him laying.

* Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young. Bryan says WWE officials told him not to attend the town hall meeting earlier. He leaves it up to The Shield to name which member he will face tonight.

* A new vignette for Los Matadores airs.

* Segment with the Divas. AJ Lee talks with Alicia Fox and Aksana about Total Divas. AJ would rather put her title up against one of them than one of the girls from the show.

* Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler is up next. Dean Ambrose is out on commentary. Ryback gets the win after Ambrose attacks Ziggler.

* Kofi Kingston vs. Curtis Axel in a non-title match is up next. Axel comes out to a huge pop and a “welcome home” from the hometown crowd. Paul Heyman is with him. Kofi gets the win with a SOS.

* Naomi vs. Brie Bella is up next. Cameron, Eva Marie and Nikki Bella are at ringside. The match ends with no winner as AJ brings out the other Divas and they face off against the Total Divas.

* Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro come out with Zeb Colter as a Los Matadores vignette airs. Their opponents are The Usos. Cesaro and Swagger get the win.

* Triple H is forcing Big Show to face 3MB in a handicap match. Show squashed all three members and hit the knockout punch on Heath Slater for the win. Slater was helped to the back by referees.

* The Shield come out to a big pop and surround the ring. They have chosen Seth Rollins to face Daniel Bryan in tonight’s main event. Good match. Bryan got the win after fighting off The Shield and hitting Rollins with the knee to the face. After the match, Randy Orton interrupts the celebration and attacks Bryan. SmackDown ends with Orton standing over Bryan with the WWE Title.

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    any live link plz

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        iam a former wwe fan i hate the wwe know its full of shit things got to change or the wwe will self destruct

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          please everyone out there you need to stop supporting the wwe all you are doing is making vince richer and our self poorer he is a person who dont give a damn about anyone but his self and his money he will sale a baby if it would make him a buck i was a 40 year fan i just cant take it anymore it boring and lacking story lines and i think that the wwe is racist and headed for self destruction no more wrestlemanias summerslams zero nada nitch nothing all smoking mirrors email real247@roadrunner.com name james c.

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            the wwe got to go period point blank

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            R.I.P. WWE 10 GONGS

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  • nunya

    um hello full results please???!!!

    • WWE

      It is going on at the moment, you gotta wait

  • lol

    Why has kofi beat axel? :S & why do they have a knack of doing the same matches with pretty much same outcome each time with ziggler ryback orton rvd? looks like ziggler is being relegated to us title match at noc which he’ll lose again (losing streak continutes face or heel) & kofi wins for no reason :D

    • lol

      axel was also in his hometown & he lost to kofi? directionless kofi? beat axel who actually has a match at noc? wwe booking always confuses me

      • yourFuckinFather

        Dude kofi is all around better than curtis axel aka gillicutty… only reason curtis is in storylines is cause of heyman he doesnt impress me

        • lol

          i dont like axel tbh but from a storyline point of view you have to make axel look strong going into the next altercation with cm punk on raw or noc or whatever, losing a random match to kofi kingston, a guy with no charisma whose gimmick is fake cause he’s not even jamaican is ridiculous

          • daddy o

            You have a point they shouldve atleast made cm punk come out and chase heyman or something to distract axel that wouldve been better i guess

          • Guest

            If Curtis Axel wasn’t Paul Heyman client he would have been hole shit with out him and maybe he would have been fired . Kofi Kingston has better skills than Curtis Axel .

    • abd

      u guys dont understand wwe. curtis as the ic champ, the one held by y2j, is a total joke and he’s really lame so dats why he loses matches as a champ, to put ppl over like kofi or whoever to build them up. rarely on raw the better show.. small losses in SD.. he will keep making the ic title lamer and lamer. do u remember who da US champ is? ambrose another lame champ with nothing to do. da ic cnamp matches in the days gone by used to b more interesting dan wwe title matches, now dey hav da same interest as brad maddox

  • @AgitatedJim

    I’m thinking Axel drops the belt to Kofi on RAW. That way the title can still be defended at the PPV, but not against Punk.

    • lol

      i hope not, tired of them just giving belts to kofi to transition it for no reason

  • lol

    i’m also guessing that the real americans will put over los matadores in some way soon with the whole immigration thing

  • What

    6th episode in a row where Orton is standing tall over Bryan. Lol.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan… That more than makes up for no Cody Rhodes!

    That’s just AWESOMENESS waiting to happen!

  • Dionte Avant

    Ziggler and Ambrose would have even less build-up/suspense than Ziggler and Ryback, and that’s saying something. Like there is no legitimate reason to put him in a match with Ambrose for the title outside of “I’m bored, so what I’ll do is challenge some random guy”.

  • OJ Von Erich

    It looks like the divas division is making it’s long awaited comeback!


  • shorty

    this show just like Monday raw is turning into total garbage and crap and not the enjoyable show it once was thank you triple H Vickie Guerrero Brad Maddox and others for turning Smack down into the most un enjoyable show to watch just like Monday night raw what garbage smack down and Monday raw is turning out to be
    crock of crap thanks a lot Triple H Stephanie Mc Mahon and others
    your turning WWE into crap and the most un enjoyable two shows to watch and you have the worst General managers running the shows as of late
    Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox they could not run a show with paper bag on their heads what a joke

  • Ducked

    WWE are idiots for leaving Christian out the storyline. Christian has worked his ass for for 18 years and WWE still throws trash on him.

    They don’t need me as a viewer anymore.

    • KB

      … he has a concussion.

      • Ducked

        Damn really? I missed that :(

  • Howdog

    What divas did AJ bring out? I wonder if Kaitlyn was with her.

    • Reason

      It was Fox, Aksana and Layla

  • Chad Smith

    Shocking that another show ends with Orton posing over a laid out Daniel Bryan. What’s that 5 or 6 shows in a row with the exact same fucking ending? Seriously after 30 years of watching WWE I can’t find a compelling reason to tune in anymore.

  • Dan

    I attended this show and it was a blast! I can’t wait for Elimination Chamber!

  • Mauris

    It is really painful to watch such a crap show nowdays .. Bryan doesnot deserve a title shot. Imagine the rock or scsa being in that situation they surely would have opened can of whoop ass on Mcmahon Hemsley Faction