Steiner Takes Shot At Hogan’s Daughter In Latest Twitter Rant

Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling two weeks ago, has continued to fire off messages on his Twitter account trashing his former employer’s brain trust, particularly Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He slams Hogan and Bischoff for their unprofessional behavior and also takes shots at their children, Brooke Hogan and Garett Bischoff. Steiner wrote Sunday evening:

* U R a fool Hogan-U n bischoff arrogantly came into Tna n disrespected n shit on evrybdy bhind closed doors n in the media

* N u didnt think u were going to piss ppl off

* U unprofessional mothrfuck’rs attackd AJ,Roode,Angle n Borash n the media,but to attack Angle professionally n personally was bullshit

* Which i will address later,YOU,bischoff n pritchard book the show,tell me how u lobbying yurself to get me back,U lying piece of shit

* No believes yur bullshit,U see money n talent in me really,U also think bitchoffs son is the future of wrestling Fuck U

* Yur an idiot,U intro me to yur family n im nice doesnt mean i give a fuck about u N and yur bust-out family

* Put yur daughter on the corner n see if she can earn money on her back bcuz she cant sing or dance

* U dont know….u dont know who i am and what im capable of..yur creative control wont help u in real life situations

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