Stephanie McMahon Demands That Daniel Bryan Surrenders His WWE World Heavyweight Title

Stephanie McMahon announced on Monday’s WWE RAW that she will not be stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Title after he had neck surgery last week.

Instead, Stephanie demanded that Bryan show up to next week’s live RAW from Knoxville, Tennessee and surrender the title himself.

  • Bryan

    I still think this is a work. They’re exaggerating this injury just like they do cena’s injuries.

    • codys moustache

      I don’t think its a work, they are making the best of a bad situation. They don’t really want to strip bryan of the title because there is no backup plan in place. All this surrender next week stuff is to buy them some time to figure out what to do.

  • josephy

    i think it is a story line. cause this is how punk can come back as a bad guy for steaph and build for a summerslam mainevent for the title aganist daniel.