Stephanie McMahon On Triple H’s Influence On Women’s Evolution

Stephanie McMahon was a recent guest on #MaxOut with Ed Mylett. In this interview, she talked about Triple H’s influence on women’s evolution. Here is what she had to say (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

“It was a lot of what [Triple H] started to do at NXT, which NXT – for those of you who don’t know – started off as our develpmental show, and is now really evolved into a third global touring brand in and of itself and is one of the most watched programs on the WWE Network,” said Stephanie. “But my husband started to recruit elite athletes, men and women, and he started training the women same as the men and giving them the same opportunities, because – like anything else – repetitions is how you are gonna get better.

“So at our live events that we do, our local live events, which is where, non-televised, our talent often learn the skills. That’s where they hone the craft, the live audience gives a reaction, and that’s how you learn what’s working, what’s not working, and worse, what they don’t care about… so he started giving them those opportunities, and them our audience responded in kind. Because these women were so awesome, and they started chanting, ‘this is wrestling’ and ‘women’s wrestling’.”