Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Mick Foley Among Others Comment On The Undertaker’s Streak Ending

– Below are some comments from current and former WWE stars on The Undertaker’s Streak being stopped by Brock Lesnar at tonight’s WrestleMania XXX:

Jillian Hall, who was watching at Lisa Marie Varon’s restaurant:

  • Yusei Asakura

    Holy shit The one person who actually tweeted what some people were saying and it had to be the one that was on Drugs

  • tobimobi

    Im glad it went to someone who already means something. And not someone who might mean something in the future. HBK and Flair didn’t give their career ending to a new guy.

  • Amit Herit Atyeb

    My heart is more than hurt but still love taker. I’ve never cried so hard in my life my eyes are still stinging me.

  • TimPhillips

    I didn’t expect the streak to end but I certainly didn’t expect the entire IWC to lose it’s collective mind. Maybe I should have. I don’t know, I guess those 21 years of victories don’t mean a thing now. All those matches didn’t happen now that Lesnar has ended the streak. I was stunned when it happened but I don’t have time for my reality to crumble over something like this. It’s disappointing that some people do.

    • dx317

      It’s interesting because the streak was never a thing until Randy Orton about 8 or years ago.

      • ksedude

        It became a thing in 2001 when he beat HHH. He counted to 10 with his fingers and the announcers were saying “He’s 10-0!” After that they started showing the graphic of his record after every win. I was sad because his first victory was 1991 when I was born. It was a streak as long as my life and it’s over.

  • Storm Redhawk

    I think I probably would have felt better about it .. if it had been Roman Reigns.. Or Seamus or someone else. Lesnar really don’t deserve it.. but .. At least Bryan has the belt..

  • Boss_Vader

    There could be a story that is told out of this in the coming days that makes all of our comments here moot, but I have to say, at least right now, it appears that WWE missed a major opportunity, and if they were going to do this, it could have been done in a much bigger and better way. I tried to get the idea out there the last couple of years, but no one really picked up on it. When it did come time for Taker to retire, or he decided that it was at least his last “streak” match, they should have made the challenger stipulate that if he wins, and the streak lives, he has to retire. That would have made for a really great story leading up to, and even within the match. Does he care more about the streak, or continuing his career?, etc. He could have even pulled back from several near falls during the match to show how conflicted he was. Anyway, that’s all over now, but maybe they can do something really cool with him and Sting using retirement as a stipulation next year. Just seems like such a waste to end the streak like this. I think that’s how everyone feels. It’s not even that the streak ended, it’s just that it ended like this.

    • Latoya

      I agree, I’m hoping there is more or they create more of acstory around this because I never thought he would lose the streak to Lesnar; the main reason being that he faced so many legends before hand. If anything the match with H and Shawn should’lve been it. Hopefullythey will create something,until it just looks like another “smart” creative move that ended up pissing people off.

  • codys moustache

    Sorry guys but whoever was responsible for booking this wrestle mania is brilliant. The Daniel Bryan story was epic. Triple h was out of this world, steph was smoking and that streak end, with the horror of the crowd without the music playing straight away was fucking fantastic. For me wwe has created one of its finest ppvs ever concidering the average build and comedic John cena era, they manage to create an emotional night that will certainly go down in wrestling history as one of the top manias of all time!

  • pancho

    In all reality, if the streak were to have stayed in tact, Taker should have retired after the 20-0 match with Trips. It had the perfect ending. BUT . . . he had to continue the streak. I don’t have a problem doing it when no one expected it. It gives it that much more meaning. Plus, Taker finally looked old. The business is bigger than any one person.

  • Latoya

    The only thing that remotely makes sense is that Taker really wanted to be done and so they went with the match against Leaner, but even then they still could’lve somehow changed the match, let Heyman get involved, something else. Besides that if they wanted something to overshadow Bryan’s they got it, and I dont know about anybody else I don’t wanna give them the satisfaction.

    • ksedude

      You mean Heyman should have helped Lesnar? I don’t think they wanted controversy, or an “unclean” victory to end the streak. It didn’t really overshadow Bryan either. I was there, the crowd came back to life when he made his entrance for the triple threat, and went insane when he won. People were still doing yes chants outside of the arena after it was over.

      • Latoya

        Ok. I’ll take your word on that one, but btw I’ve been to a lot of their m.s.g. and bk events, and their ALWAYS chanting yes. Lol. I’m just saying a screw job might’ve soften the blow of loosing to Lesnar(yes I see the innuendos in that). I think it would’lve been easier to accept instead of a clean match considering the greats that he faced and they didn’t get 3 count.

        • ksedude

          It was a lose/lose as far as acceptance. Clean victory and it was like “Seriously??? He beats HHH, HBK, Punk… etc but not Lesnar of all people?”
          But if he cheats and wins, the streak is still over, then it would have been like “Seriously??? That’s how they end the streak? Cheating? After all these years?”
          There was no way that would have went over well. I think if Lesnar had helped him up and they shook hands or hugged or whatever the audience would have at least applauded a little bit. Not saying turn Lesnar face I’m just saying a show of respect while maintaining his character. Idk.. It was anti-climactic.

          • Latoya

            Sadly, the divas division ALWAYS get a bad rap when it comes to WM. Don’t really see Lesnar being nice in any way, but I will admit it was a lose/ lose situation once they decided he was going to beat the streak. I think they wanted controversy, but I’m not sure if that’s the way to get it. It ruins the history of the streak effectively, especially with his “victory speech” tonight. Anti-climatic, stupid, ridiculous,idiotic.asinine all pretty much sums it up.

        • ksedude

          I just felt bad for the divas. They came on right after and got booed all match because of Taker losing.