Steve Austin Responds To Bruno Sammartino, WWE vs. TNA Back In Court This Week

– Steve Austin responded to Bruno Sammartino’s comments which were made during his appearance on the “Inside the Ropes” podcast. Sammartino said he was not a fan of Steve Austin “because of his mouth.”

“He was a very, very vulgar individual and anyone who’s like that, I can never be a fan of,” said Sammartino. “Anything else he had positive, it was shattered by the negatives.”

Austin responded with the following.

“I have always respected Bruno’s career and what he accomplished. However, I could give a rats ass of his opinion of SCSA”

– A hearing date is set for this Wednesday in Nashville, TN regarding the lawsuit TNA filed against WWE and former office employee Brian Wittenstein.

The hearing will look into turning the temporary restraining order against Wittenstein into a court injunction that would force him to return all materials relating to confidential TNA matters. Wittenstein will also be barred from passing any of that material on to any third parties. Wittenstein has yet to officially respond to any of the legal matters before the Chancery Court in Nashville.

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