Steve Austin Talks Retirement, Tough Enough & More

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke to recently. Here are some highlights of what Austin said about:

Working Last Week’s RAW: “I didn’t get a chance to do exactly everything that I wanted to do because I wanted to give the fans so much more, and they expected more,” Austin told Matt Fowler of in an interview promoting the upcoming season of “Tough Enough” Austin will be hosting.

Staying Retired & Working Tough Enough: “I’m close enough — I’m as close as I want to be and can get to it right now by being the host and watching Bill (DeMott) and Booker and Trish (Stratus) put them through their paces .. The days of lighting up 20,000 people every single night of the week, no matter what day it was, and 90,000 on a big show like WrestleMania, that was a blast, but those days are over, and I’ve had some great times in this ring. And when I think back, I’ve got a lot of great memories, and this is about as close as I want to be.”