Steve Austin To Interview Triple H?, Jim Ross Comments On Storyline Development, Great Khali

– Steve Austin noted on Twitter he’s going to try and record an interview with Triple H, if time permits, while the two are in Las Vegas tonight for the big WWE Network announcement.

– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on and was asked if WWE’s storyline development would be better if WWE had less pay-per-views in a year. He replied:

“Long term planning & sticking to the plan has more to do w/ creative than # of PPV’s. Bottom line is always going to be the talents.”

– Earlier we posted how Shelton Benjamin tweeted that he hated being in the ring with The Great Khali. A fan asked if Khali was a nice guy and Shelton replied:

  • Bryan Thomas

    I remember when they put the WHC on khali. Smh lol smfh lmfao gtfo lol