Steve Austin’s 4th Of July Message, John Cena On Acting In Comedies, Big Show – Kurt Angle Video

– Big Show and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recall their 2004 Hair vs. Hair match in this video from last night’s WWE Ride Along episode.

– John Cena did a brief interview with CBS News and commented on his secret to being a scene-stealer in comedies like Trainwreck and Sisters. Cena said:

“I think a lot of the reason that stuff has made people laugh is because I’m OK not taking myself too seriously. A lot of physically big dudes who are intimidating, imposing figures don’t want to lose that intimidating edge. I’m just not an intimidating guy by nature, so a bigger guy doing stuff that’s opposed to type is kind of funny.”

– Below is a special 4th of July message from Kawasaki USA and WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin: