Sting Appears On WWE Network & Shares His Favorite Ultimate Warrior Memory

Sting made his first WWE-related TV appearance on Tuesday’s Ultimate Warrior “Greatest Matches” special on the WWE Network. In between matches, they have been featuring recently recorded comments from various stars on Warrior and Sting spoke after Ricky Steamboat.

Sting talked about how his favorite Warrior memory was Warrior putting tuna and orange juice in a blender and saying, “I got my protein and vitamin C all in one.”

  • Cody Cosmos

    That’s obviously a sign he’s in the WWE in some form. Whether he wrestles Undertaker that’s another story. Taker moves like a tank nowadays, and I doubt if Brock couldn’t carry, Sting couldn’t. But the fans would give it a five star match reception. Just for the anomaly of this match-up!