Sting Posts A Quote From His WCW Days (Photo)

– Following his big loss on Thursday night’s Impact, Sting changed his Facebook cover photo to a quote he used in WCW:

“The only thing that’s for sure about STING is nothing’s for sure…”

Sting also posted the following back on January 11th:

There’s no word yet if Sting really is gone from TNA or if this is part of the storylines. However, while a contract itself hasn’t been signed yet, talks between Sting and WWE are reportedly so far that they are discussing concepts for him using the name “A Man Called Sting.”

  • jeb

    This man is going to WWE. Hell YEA! Undertaker v Sting Wrestlemania anyway? As a longtime wrestling fan than kind of fell out of the sport in the late 90’s, that would be awesome….

  • Kyle

    The way I wanted it to go was like this, Sting retired from competition with TNA, then signs a WWE Legends contract, so we can get proper DVDS and game inclusions. Everyone makes money, and Sting is still the guy that never wrestled for Vince. If he signs now, fine, but sign him for atleast a year, in an RVD 90 days on 90 days off schedule. Have him lose to Taker and Mania, have a disputed finish at Sumsrslam, then have Sting end the Streak at Mania 31, and in between that, let Sting work with younger guys. If you’re going to bring him in, do it right, and make it mean something to everyone, otherwise it’s pointless, except for money.

  • razorsedge8

    please let Sting come to WWe so I can stop recording that god awful tna

  • VintageFan

    sting & hogan will be those new stockholders/ “darlin” dixie, who I can’t stand,
    is being bought out! Good-take your nephew & that stupid spud home with you!