Sting Posts Rare Photo & Releases Statement On The Ultimate Warrior Passing Away

Published On 04/10/2014 | By Staff | News

Sting posted the following on his Facebook this morning:

“Mourning the loss of Jim Hellwig. I don’t believe anyone has ever published this picture before today. The snapshot was taken two days before Thanksgiving in 1985, as we prepared to leave my house in Newhall, California and embark on a career in wrestling.

Jim always challenged me to strive at being the best, and I’ll forever be grateful for the encouragement and motivation he provided.

I was looking forward to catching up with him, and I’m saddened we didn’t have that opportunity before he passed. My heart goes out to his wife Dana and their two daughters, and they will remain in my prayers.”


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  • Scott Henley

    Sting, Your Are Awesome, and in Warriors eyes an “Ultimate” friend…. G-d Bless Warriors Family and G-d Bless you Sting

    • Dime

      Just say God. There is no reason to blank it out. If people can’t handle the word GOD. To hell with them.

      • Scott Henley

        Research it and just know that you have shown yourself for what you are and that is Fake Christian; or a wanna be at best. It is a sign of respect of the Jewish faith, as his name is so revered and considered so beautiful that it should only spoken. Check things before you react. G-D Bless you, despite your ignorance and your willingness to show it…

        • Dime

          Fake Christian? I am sorry brother but you are way off. I don’t hold my belief on the lord. And the Jewish faith? The same one’s who don’t believe Jesus was the son of God? Come on now. Jewish Faith and Christian faith are two completely different belief systems. And I don’t judge them for what they believe even though they judge me for believing in Jesus. And for someone of faith you are fast to judge. May want to look in the mirror some time before being a complete jackass to someone who was not being one to you. Instead trying to encourage you. Now my friend. GOD BLESS YOU. And have a great night.

          • Scott Henley

            Yes, Fake. Christians and Jews have lived in peace, side by side for centuries, and your lack of Christian behavior is a disgrace. There are plenty of people who are Jewish and hold nothing against you for believing in Jesus. The Jews believe in Jesus, they just have not seen him as their savior. More and more people of Jewish faith change their minds every day. Read you post and see how it sounds……… It is angry and has a “holier than thou” sort of feel. NOT something a True Christian would write, but that of a fake Christian. I stand by my comments. GBY……

          • Dime

            Lol… try reading over yours. I am not the one telling someone they are fake. SMH. Get over yourself dude. There is faith then there is bullshit “I know everything. I am right, you are wrong”. And that is just what you are doing. Stop trying to blow my words out of what they are meant to be. You are the kind of “west-burro baptist” cult follower who makes us all look bad. I live a good life. I show love to God. I treat EVERYONE with respect. I don’t care if you are Gay, Black, Mexican, ect. I treat all with respect. But I am also not fake, and speak my mind. I would rather be hated for being real, then for holding my tongue and letting someone like you try and “bible bully” me with YOUR Holier Than Thou attitude.