Sting Reportedly Wrestling Just One Singles Match In WWE Before Retiring Next Year

There is now a working idea within WWE that Sting will wrestle one match and then retire, which everyone presumes will be against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 in California.

There’s still no confirmation that WWE will make this known at WrestleMania XXX or on RAW the next night. The only thing that’s said to be certain right now is that Sting will do one last match.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • JC Brioso

    Soooo he’s going to come in all rusty and old to face an old Undertaker??? In a match everyone knows Taker will win??? Yeah… Not a good idea. If anything you do this match at SummerSlam and have Sting do one final one at WM versus someone else.

    • Clay Keithstone Merritt

      This whole time I just assumed that Sting would have random feuds like he did in TNA. I can understand why he wouldn’t if he didn’t want to, but I agree with you, he should at least have one match.

    • crazyseandx

      And yet everyone still wants to see a match between the two. Besides, every year at WM we know taker is gonna win. So why hate on one match of Taker vs Sting when pretty much every one of Taker’s WM matches have been predictable as to who ends up winning and still end up being Match of the Year candidates every time?

      • JC Brioso

        Except it really isn’t. The Taker matches have been over hyped at times. The problem is the opponent. The WWE is fixated on feeding taker these established guys who in no way do they need the win. In fact Lesnar is hurt more by facing taker than he ever would if he won. He will lose and by that loss, a young guy beating him down the line won’t mean as much. these part timers and old timers should be putting guys over who need it, not facing each other in matches we can go to the wwe network to revisit.

  • Kdawg361

    Why not go for the title? Be the first person to ever hold the WCW, WWE and TNA title? If he came in and had like a big retirement send off where he’d face someone like Daniel Bryan then lose it to Ziggler or a newer guy. Then when it’s all over, retire at Mania

    • Adnan

      technically Kurt Angle has already done that, he won the WCW title during that horrible invasion angle

      • Kdawg361

        You’re right. I totally misspoke on that. The whole invasion thing was lame and I him winning the title slipped my mind. Kudos

        • adztheman

          But Sting was a WCW title holder when it was the ”actual” WCW title..interesting how TNA adds Angle’s WWE title runs to his total, but WWE won’t recognize Christian’s two TNA title runs…

          • Kdawg361

            No one said Sting wasn’t WCW champion. He was an 8x WCW champion. I just wish he’d come in and work some matches with guys that would love to say the wrestled with The Icon

          • Shawn Starke

            you can throw in the NWA championship to. He did beat Flair for that back in the 80’s.

          • Eric Peyton Smith

            You’re a bit behind on your idea of time. By the the time Sting won the title, the company had already been re-christened WCW.

  • xnyer

    That would be a epic match

  • Adnan

    I reckon he should wrestle atleast 4 or 5 matches, would love to see him wrestle Bray, their characters will mesh nicely, and i think he should work a program with the likes of Bryan and Cena

  • Dave Macleod

    Here’s hoping that this “working” idea changes. That’d be a real shame for Sting to come in, hype everybody for his run, then wait a year for us all to see it. We don’t need anymore people pulling a Dwayne Johnson :/

    • JC Brioso

      The rock’s run was really poor indeed

  • SuperPunk

    What should happen is that Sting shows up at WM30 and costs The Undertaker the streak and then they could build up to a match at WM31.

    • Steve

      Could help make the build for the match unbelievably incredible, but I just don’t know if I want to see the streak end.

      • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

        The steak shouldn’t end, just saying… I see it as a championship that can’t be taken from the undertaker!

        • SuperPunk

          I wouldn’t want to see it end but just having them fight to fight seems pointless at their ages.

  • hisfirewithin

    I’d like to see Sting v. Taker, but what I think would make the most sense is for he and Warrior to have their “one more match” together. They leave the business together just like they came in together. If someone is going to face Taker at a Wrestlemania, I want it to be someone who I legitimately believe is a threat to the streak, and I just don’t think Sting is that. But Sting v. Warrior with a few months to train, plan the match, and build up to it, maybe at Summerslam or even WM31, that is money in my opinion.

    As for Taker, I think his next three programs need to be Cena, Bray, and Reigns. That gives WWE 3 years to build Roman Reigns to the main event.

    • William Usher

      No, no, no. Sting vs Taker at WM 31 for sure.

      Sting in his decked out Crow outfit, makes the challenge to Taker at WM 30 after he beats Brock.

      Make it a promotional marketing affair, not a wrestling match.

      This is not Sting wrestling Undertaker at WM 31, it’s an icon who has never stepped foot in the WWE to make his only match in the WWE to take away the streak from the man who has never been defeated at Wrestlemania. It’s a hotbed for: will he or won’t he?

      The idea would be to imbed the notion in viewers that Sting is coming to conquer the only thing in WWE he needs to conquer: Undertaker’s streak. His final match will be the one worthwhile achievement to his long standing career.

      No one will care about Sting vs Warrior. There’s no story there. There is, however, an undefeated streak by the Undertaker and a hall of fame legend who has never stepped foot in WWE to shape and mold a story around.

      Heck, if I were a creative writer I would have a field day using the entire year to build up an unforgettable feud between the two.

      One match only, for the first and last time in the history of all of pro-wrestling.

      • adztheman

        I’d like to see Steve Borden do ”Surfer Sting” one more time just for the hell of it, since that’s the character that got him started..

        • LarryNC

          I completely agree. I never cared for the cheap crow look.

    • Rated Republican

      If you saw the Ultimate Warrior in his last match against Orlando Jordan in Spain on June 25th, 2008, you’d know that Warrior is in no shape to wrestle anyone again.

      • John K

        He wrestled with a blown out knee. Still, I did see Warrior use some moves he never used before. As for the match, the company was a startup, and had nowhere near the quality of writing that WWE has. I think if Warrior had another match against a big name in WWE, it would be memorable. There is a little bit of story between Sting and Warrior; they were the Bladerunners.

        As for WM XXX, Sting needs to compete in WWE, coming in on Raw, and not start the ‘Taker/Sting angle right away. It should slowly build up and then get heated as WM 31 gets closer. ‘Taker would need to stick around and not disappear until WM.

  • colt187

    He should go against someone like Shawn Michaels at summer slam then undertaker at wrestlemania 31that would make a fitting end for both of them. Or win the royal rumble forgo the title shot to face taker at far as sting & warrior teaming up again that was tried in WCW remember the OWN (one warrior nation) it was sad warrior could not keep up then. that was 13 years ago.being in shape & being in ring shape are two different things. That’s just my opinion .SORRY.

    • LarryNC

      I would have loved to have Sting vs HBK when both were in their prime. But it never happened and maybe he just needs to qietly retire. If he was even going to face taker, it should have been this year. Sting will always be my favorite, he just had something special, like HBK. There will never be another Sting and there will never be another HBK.

  • Larry Brown

    He can still do ok in the ring. They should at least have him wrestle 3 or 4 times before next years mania.

  • Mario Cardone

    If sting wasn’t ever announced, and then randomly came back after chamber on raw next year to face taker at mania, everyone would be going nuts rather than complaining its old people fighting. Stop and think, would you rather this, or nothing?

  • Rick Bulow

    I say have Sting come out night after Mania on RAW and announce he would like to face Taker at Mania with The Streak on the line. Then have a year buildup for it.

  • xyz

    sorry, ive lost interest

  • Lupe

    Sting Vs John Cnea at Summerslam

  • Randy Hughes

    If he is training an entire year for just one match, I’d be very surprised if he didn’t at least do a few more before retirement. But at this point looks like it might be Streak vs Career again. There’s no way in hell Lesnar will win @ WM. One of the worst streak storylines in recent memory.

  • Timothy A Schaumloffel

    Some Of You MUST Not Watch The Current WWE Programs, Undertaker IS Fighting Brock Lesner At WM 30.!!! Get A CLUE People.!!!

    • Kdawg361

      Everyone is aware of that by now. This is being said for WM31 next year

  • colt187

    it would be a shame for him to come in fight one match against Undertaker and lose to preserve Undertaker’s streak it wouldn’t even be worth it.that would be a horrible way for a 14 time world champion to go out.

    • Roderick Kiper

      I disagree with this answer, It isn’t ashamed at all, The Undertaker was a Loyal Employee to WWF/E It was Sting’s decision not to come to wwf/e as he was a loyal employee to nwa/wcw… The difference is Vince conqured and wcw folded, He could of came to wwe 10 times over over the years, Dont get me wrong Sting is a world reknowned household name as a Pro Wrestler, But Personally I could tell you over the years it wasnt the money issue, I am most positive McMahon offered handsomely the amount of money he could of got… To my point, I dont know how old all you guys are here, But it is in no way whatsoever a horrible way for a 14 time champ to go out, He never wanted to come here and now hes 53 years old. But in the same breathe it isnt horrible because, even though he never came to wwe, he’ll go out a loser to the Undertaker’s FINAL Wrestlemania match and not any match this streak work thats going on is more important than title matches these days, So sting even though he loses, And Undertaker goes 22-0 or 23-0 forgot which sorry there, That will be the Match that everyone will always remember, not cause its sting and hes the greatest, cause hes isnt. hes a better than medicore wrestler, the crow rip off i dont know how he didnt get sued, but anyway, win or lose, never wrestling in the wwe ever, except sting will have 1 match in wwe, and it will be more recognized then a title match cause its takers last one, which makes it more memorable. and the 14 year thing is bull, like I said before i dont know how old all you guys are but if it is Good enough for Andre The Giant to lose, its good enough for any wrestler from to kingdom come. Thanks for reading!!

  • William Gresham OMalley IV

    Yes yes yes with a stinger splash and scorpion death lock the streak will end and sting will be immortal

    • No Escaping Gravity

      Put down the booze.

  • hellifeyeno

    but how come sting is still on the tna roster on the webpage

  • Some dude named Bricks

    Personally I hope Sting never wrestles again. This is no dig at Sting at all. I just think it’s kind of an honor to say he’s the greatest wrestler that never wrestled in the WWE. Kind of a unique distinction. And to me it’s kind of a cool distinction.