Sting Signs Deal With WWE, Backstage News On His WWE Future, The Undertaker

Sting has indeed signed a deal with WWE. There’s no word yet on details regarding what role he will play but he is scheduled to be on TV, but not right away.

It’s said that the deal has been close to being done for a while but now it has been signed. Sting’s assumption was that he would work with The Undertaker, which many expected, but that’s up in the air with Taker’s future now in question.

The deal includes Sting being on television, but whether that’s as a regular character or just to build for one match at next year’s WrestleMania, that isn’t clear. He obviously won’t be a full-time wrestler.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Necro

    If this is true, it’s about damn time. If it’s not…well….what else am I supposed to expect.

    • Jesse Bognanno

      off course its not true… everyone hasbeen saying this since wwe bought wcw

      • tobimobi

        Well sting has said on multiple occasions that he’d love a match at mania before he retired. So if it’s time for him to stop it sounds very plausible.

      • dazza

        its true dude

      • dazza

        the stinger is coming

    • Cody Cosmos

      Don’t know about Taker’s condition. But still would love to see them in some capacity. I wonder if they will make his new theme mirror his TNA one!

      • Mark Charlie-Sheen Coburn

        WWE own his WCW theme tune. I imagine WWE will be using that or a new theme rather than using one from a company most people have never heard of

  • SemajTheSellout

    This works for the Taker match. Taker wants to retire after the streak ends, but Sting comes out to challenge him for one last match at Mania. If Taker would’ve advertised the last one as his last match, we would’ve all known he would lose. This will be the dream match for many (I could care less but it would be a good look for the company). It practically writes itself.

  • CMP

    It must be so simple to “report” for these dirtsheet websites. Just be as general as humanly possible. Hey I got some “insider” news myself: Daniel Bryan has a strong chance of appearing on Raw next Monday as WWE Champion. Though it’s a possibility he might have a match, there’s also a chance he might not. Though that Raw will possibly move forward the Shield/Authority storyline. Also, Raw will be filmed live in front of an crowd that evening and the crowd is said to possible have homemade signs expressing their WWE views.

    • No Escaping Gravity

      Daniel Bryan won’t be on Raw, he’ll be in Hawaii with Brie.

  • Josh Hall

    Well i think sting vs undertaker (Goodbye match)

    i know sting only wants one more match! so why not sting vs taker to say goodbye for loosing 2 great wrestlers!

    sting signed a deal with WWE so they can have a new face to promote WCW
    sting signed a deal for a DVD
    sting signed a deal for WWE Hall Of Fame
    sting signed a deal so he could face undertaker

  • Jaime Villasana

    Sting vs Undertaker . Who gets to the ring first match and the crowd cheering . This is awesome !!!

  • cj

    Idk why people put so much heat on the Undertaker for ending the streak. He said he didn’t want the streak to be the focus of his match with Sting. I know it sucks that Lesnar beat Taker and we won’t see him again after beating Taker til SummerSlam, then Royal Rumble next year. But I totally understand Taker’s reasoning. Even though Taker nor Sting are in their prime anymore, I’d love to see them both finish up their careers on that high note.

    • Frank

      Did Taker say that he didn’t want the streak to be the focus of the match, or is that just a comment youve read?

  • hisfirewithin

    Before the tragic loss of Warrior, I had hoped that those two would have their “One more match” together. With a year to get in shape, DDP Yoga their butts off, and build storyline, it would have been an amazing sendoff for two guys that came in the business together.

    I don’t think it’s gonna be Sting v. Taker, because from what we saw at WM30, Taker is probably done. The streak was Taker’s to end, and he chose to end it with Brock. I’ve been thinking about who should be Sting’s nemesis, and I think I’ve got it: Sting v. Bray Wyatt

    Creepy character vs. creepy character. It’s perfect in my opinion. Sting works well with big guys, and Bray would pull one heck of a high intensity match out of him.

    • HhhipsterAudience


  • Roberto Duran

    A MAN CALLED STING the story of a legend told by. WARRIOR during his last days.

  • Travis Matrious

    What’s with all the part time wrestlers now a days? It’s getting really old

    • Jonathan Baylor

      Thats why I didnt like Brock beating the streak. He is just part time.

  • Brandon Smith

    for anyone questioning this saying you don’t believe he signed he has def signed i seen it on another site where he said it him self.

  • Rory

    Sting vs Orton .. Book it. Huge build up to the Last Legend Standing vs the Legend Killer.

  • totallyneccessary

    When someone has worked 20-30 years in the business, you shouldnt give them any flack about bein a part time talent, especially when you dont realize that “YOUR FAVES” dont work full time either…. Injuries & being wrote off included

  • Cablev94

    He is 55 years old, this is to old to wrestle on a consistent basis.

  • Rob Morash

    no deal yet just rumors as of 2 hours ago