Sting Talks About Jeff Hary’s Issues & Their Infamous Match

TNA star Sting was recently interviewed by Fighting Spirit Magazine and spoke about Jeff Hardy’s recent issues and their infamous match at TNA Victory Road back in March.

Sting defeated Jeff Hardy in an impromptu squash match after it was deemed Jeff Hardy was too stoned to safely wrestle – and says the “ripple effect” of Hardy’s actions were “gigantic.”

Sting knew hours before their match that Jeff Hardy was going to be a handful that day. “I knew there was trouble a couple of hours before the match and it seemed to get worse as the night progressed.

“I had high hopes that by some miracle it would pan out — and we would be able to actually have a match — because we had something pretty good worked out.

“It didn’t happen that way. It just deteriorated, it got to the point that what happened, had to happen.”

Sting has faith that Jeff Hardy can turn his life around once he gets out of jail.

“My heart goes out to Jeff and I’m glad that he’s on the trail back. He seems to be great. I’ve talked to him a couple of times, he seems really, really good and he is remorseful. But he understands that his words mean nothing at this point — time is going to be the only thing.”

“He’s going to have to build the bridge of trust back one brick at a time — and he knows it. He’s an incredible, unbelievably talented wrestler. He’s creative, innovative and he’s got so much going for him. If he can keep his head on straight, I know there’s a lot of good years in front of him and he’ll be a benefit to this company.”