Sting’s TNA Future, Kevin Nash Update, EV 2.0 Angle & More

– TNA officials believe that Sting will once again re-sign with the company. Sting has been working on a year-to-year basis for several years now, with Spike TV often contributing to his expensive contract renewals. If he does decide to stick with TNA, he would be brought back in January with some of the other TNA headliners who have been off television, like Kurt Angle.

– There is still hope in TNA that a deal can be worked out with Kevin Nash. His recent TNA departure was a cost-cutting measure and he was unwilling to take a major pay cut, but he could still be back next year.

– TNA’s EV 2.0 storyline has essentially run its course and was not originally booked to last this long. Many within TNA are pleased the ECW originals got as much exposure as they did, but it’s really time to move on.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)